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So many possessions missing after two moves. How did it happen?

Asked by Aster (19994points) March 7th, 2012

So my s/o wanted to “save money” by hiring locals to move us. Then weeks and months after we unpacked it dawned on me how many things are missing. One is a $600 bronze of an Indian on a horse with a marble base. I don’t know what happened but in 2010 when we moved in I looked in the guy’s truck and found nothing. Each month it seems I remember something that is missing. What do you think happened or am I just naive? After this move my s/o gave the guy $50 and he snarled and said “how can we eat dinner on THIS?” and stormed off. Another thing missing is his waders. And a rake. It goes on and on. We watched them loading up but then HE left them alone for hours! I thought he’d stay and watch them but I was stupid.

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Lesson learned.

We seem to be missing things after our move from Florida too. I ha used local labor before with no trouble, but this last move (local) the guy dropped our TV down the stairs.

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Why on earth would a mover or any worker not make payment arrangements in advance? We paid close to $50 an hour for moving our Mother In Law

I would suspect either the mover took it, or it was left behind. When Hubby’s company moved us here several years ago, the moving company they hired left the entire contents of our shed behind. We had to replace all our tools and garden equipment, at our own expense.

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When you say you “hired locals” does that mean uninsured, unlicensed movers? Not real movers, but regular guys who did side work?

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@jca Great Q. I’ll have to ask him. I imagine they were uninsured! Unprofessional.

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If you just put up advertisements around town looking for people who would help you move, rather than hiring professionals or asking friends, there is a very good chance that you inadvertently hired criminals who planned in advance to steal from you.

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$50 for the entire move? Or, for a tip?

The irony is, if they stole from you, thank goodness you did not pay them more. If they didn’t steal from you, I don’t blame them for being annoyed with just $50. Not that it is ok they stole anything. I have never had something stolen in a move, even when I have used a local guy just wanting some cash, but I have never let the local guy move any of the things precious to me or worth a lot of money, I take those things in my own car. But, of course there is a risk of theft. Large moves every item is numbered, so you know if something is missing. Smaller moves I just do my best not to leave the movers alone, and direct everything.

Sorry this happened to you :(. Sucks. You can report it to the police so there is a record of it.

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