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What collectible items do you cherish?

Asked by Skaggfacemutt (9815points) March 9th, 2012

All of us have curiosities stashed away in case they might be worth something, or maybe just because they bring back good memories. Not counting the obvious, like stamps or coins, what is the weirdest oddity that you have stashed in your basement or attic?

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Movie and concert tickets/wristbands are about as weird as it gets for me in the collectible items category.

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I collect teapots – both contemporary pottery ones and antiques when I can find them.

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I cherish my life-long collection of Christmas ornaments (I don’t think that’s terribly odd, though). Perhaps the “oddest” collectible I have is an old doorstop that is a chalk Boston terrier (lifesize). This belonged to my grandparents and did in fact hold open the door to the guest bedroom. I was terrifed of it when I was a young child. I’m only slightly afraid now.

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Not weird in the least, but my favorite is a tea set of a china pot, sugar and creamer and one cup and saucer. My great grandfather, a Norwegian sailor, brought it back from China for my great grandmother.

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Old porcelain and glass door knobs, some ornate brass as well.
Thimbles, but they must be unique.
Little Golden Books.
Old lighting fixtures.
Old cigar boxes filled with other treasures.
Fountain pens.
There’s more…

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A soccer stickers collection album from ‘69—‘70.
Complete, like this left one.
And a few Matchbox cars, but I painted them, so there is no value there.

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Packs of Top Trumps from my kiddiehood, got loads of the buggers.

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I collect Christmas ornaments from my travels. I collect boxes. And I collect armadillos.

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What are Top Trumps?? I have 1) a Monkeemobile, 2) a big, black rotary phone, 3) a 1950’s Storkline high chair, 3) a Heart of the Ocean necklace 4) my great, great grandmother’s wedding band.

The wedding band would be from the Civil War era. It looks like it’s made of copper. I have really small hands, and it fits me perfectly, but it is kind of fat – maybe ½ inch top to bottom. It looks like it once had engravings on it. I wish it was more attractive – I would wear it.

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Let’s see: Old Danish Royal Copenhagen china and other porcelain figurines made in Denmark, Books, baseball memorabilia, anything about my father and the Navy. Oh, and my family’s love

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I collect Owl statues / figures – the more unusual, the better. I don’t collect ‘pretty’ Owl figures, I want Owl figures that have attitude & individuality. I have Owl figures from several different countries. I have collected them for several years now & I finally figured out that my collecting of the Owl figures is an outward manifestation of my inner search for wisdom & knowledge….. since Owls have represented wisdom & knowledge from as far back as recorded history goes.

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I have a set of posters (front and back) that contain a cut-out satellite protective helmet to protect your head from falling satellites.

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@Linda_Owl I have a collection of African curios – masks, drums, spears. The uglier the better. I wonder what that is a manifestation of?

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Dead babies

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A silver dollar my dad gave me many years ago. It was in my uniform pants pocket each day I went to work.

It kept me honest.

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Family photos.

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Horror movies and horror movie figurines, JRPG’s, Halloween decorations and a few porcelain dolls. Some of it might be worth something, especially some of the video games, but I keep them for my own enjoyment rather than monetary value.

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I collect unique salt and pepper shakers. Well, I WILL as soon as I remember to keep an eye out for them at garage sales and flea markets and stuff. I keep forgetting that I collect them, and so I don’t have any.

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They’re not that particularly strange. Just not as common as maybe stamps or coins.

- vintage science textbooks
– vintage lab equipment (flasks, beakers, thermometers, etc.)
– vials of sand/dirt inside an old watchmaker’s cabinet
– old photographs (of random people)

And for some yet undetermined art project:
– bread tabs
– security envelopes
– tons of magazine clippings

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