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If you accidently ran into your "first love", what would be your first thought?

Asked by john65pennington (29243points) March 10th, 2012

Its been many years, since your “first love” and now you are married or dating someone. By accident, you run into your first love. Question: what would be your first thought? Anything goes.

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Great question! My first thought would probably be, “Wow, he looks different.” On an emotional level, I am not sure what I would think. Our relationship was a passionate but conflicted one, and seeing him again would probably bring up emotions I’d rather not revisit. For this reason, I hope I never have to find out.

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LD, I had this to happen just one time. She moved to Atlanta and had come back home for a funeral. I ran into her at a restaurant. She still looked great and I had to pretend I did not see her. My eyes followed her throughout the whole meal.

She went her way and I went mine, but I had the strangest feelings.

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I would love to run in to my first love. he was a real soulmate in many ways. I don’t know what I would think until it happened.

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I’d be pleased to see him. but we’d have nothing in common now. After a few reminiscences, there’s be nothing to say.

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Did it. It had been 40 years! And it was GREAT! We met for dinner and left both our spouses home (with their blessings of course.) It was a riot! I was worried we would not recognize each other. Not a problem! She looked exactly the same – as did I. Hah!
We are still FB “friends” and send greetings about 1x per year.

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Easy. I’d ask her what being dead for the past 16 years was like.

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First thought, “Is he still a good kisser?”
Second thought, “Is he still a good dancer?”
Third thought, “He’s married, darling, so forget about it.”
Fourth thought, “I hope he still regrets breaking up with me because I am looking so incredibly fine now.” lol

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I think a song that perfectly fits my question is…

Fool If You Think Its Over by Chris Rhea.

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I’d say “Hey kid. What’s for dinner?”

My first love happens to be my wife.

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I still wish you nothing but the best.

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I was afraid to say anything, because I was not sure what come out of me. We were separated by her father that moved the family 300 miles away. That did not stop us for a while, then he gave his daughter an ultimatum and I do not know what that was. It finally caused us to go our separate ways.

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I would be thinking “Uh-oh, here comes the Why are you in a wheelchair? question…”

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My first thought would be “wow you look different”.

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I’m frightfully sorry m’dear, these bloody brakes are horrendous.

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I would smile and give him a big hug. We’re still friends and always will be.

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I actually did, when I was about 32. We had dated in HS for over a year. I was at Walmart in Wichita, and this guy said something to me. I assumed he was hitting on me. I stood up kind of in exasperation and he said, “You don’t know who I am, do you.” I paused, looked into his brown, brown eyes….and then I knew exactly who he was! Kinda cool!

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If it did happen it would probably not be an accident as a good friend of mine is married to her brother. It’s been 30 years now and I would simply hug her and say it is great to see you and ask her how she has been. I would be a nice moment that I am pretty sure.

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I have thought about what it would be like and whenever I see someone who looks like him, I start to imagine it. I have a lot of reasons to be angry at him but somehow I can’t stay angry at him. A lot of time has passed and I’m sure he looks very different now but I would love to see him and know if he still has that same aura about him that I knew and loved or if he seems like a total stranger. I would also be wondering what he thinks of how I look. I look pretty much the same but I know he would see the changes time has wrought. I wonder if he would be happy to see me and how warm he would be to me. Weird, but he lives close to where I work. It’s a 20 minute bus ride to our old neighborhood and he still lives there.

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Good call @DarlingRhadamanthus . My first bf was an amazing kisser, or so I thought at the time. Now that I’ve smooched others, I’d wonder if he was really all that good all along.

I think it’d be super awkward! It’s only been six years since him, but I think we’d have nothing to talk about.

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Could she still be wearing my underwear?

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I’m friends with my first “boyfriend” on Facebook, and all I can think when I look at his pics is: “He gained a ton of weight, went totally bald and blind, and is completely unattractive compared to my husband.” I’m shallow, apparently.

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I stay in contact with most of the women I once dated. It wouldn’t be anything but happy.

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It would be strange since it’s been 50 years since we dated. I would probably hope that my wife didn’t find out before I could tell her myself.

I’m not that great but my wife can be jealous.

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Wow…she’d flip out because you accidentally ran into an old girlfriend??

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@Dutchess_III my wife doesn’t “flip out” she is much more subtle. Her relationship to my ex-girl friend was acrimonious from the start. I am sure she would be less than thrilled if we met again. My wife’s silence speaks volumes. Frankly I would prefer that she shouted at me.

By the way, my wife’s first boyfriend was a trumpet player and she told me he was an excellent kisser. I doubt that I would be thrilled if he showed up unless he gained a hundred pounds, lost his hair, and teeth and eats raw garlic for breakfast.

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So, did she know your ex from back-when?

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I’m still waiting for my first real love. Up until now it has been schoolgirl crushes, silly infatuations and big misunderstandings.
When I do finally meet my first love I shall kiss him softly and whisper in his ear… “there you are”.

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What the hell is he doing up here?

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@Dutchess_III yes she kew my ex. Of course that was high school, the last thing my ex-girlfriend said as my future wife and I were walking down the hall was “Ron, you don’t know what you’re missing.”

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My first thought would be, “Damn she’s gotten old”.. Then I would look in a mirror and think, ‘Oh well’..

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