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Does anyone know of good ways to earn income at home?

Asked by Shippy (9889points) March 11th, 2012

Because I have not been “well” for a while, I grabbed onto the idea of a “Portfolio” of work. Which would be different services and functions I could offer to bring in income. People say do what you are good at. I guess I am good at photo editing, and also glamour photography, although I have had no official training. I am also a good short story writer (although my grammar is not great). I did in the past have a story published once.

Where could I use my photography skills or editing skills? Does anyone know? Also because I have run out of back up cash in a big way, I haven’t got time to build this it has to work quickly. (I know sounds like a tall order). Any suggestions appreciated and or experiences. Possibly I can do other things I did not think of. Also I live in a 3rd World country so a lot of menial jobs are taken.

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Proofreading texts.

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My brother drives all over the place and takes pictures of houses. He gets paid per house and compensated an amount for every mile he drives. He takes of on his motorcycle for the day taking pictures of houses in rural Kansas.

The amount he brings home is dependent on how many houses he takes pictures of. He fills out a simple report and sends it by email at the end of a day he works. He picks his own days off, he simply doesn’t take pictures on that day. I will ask how he found the job, but I would guess he spoke to a real estate agent.

Hope this helps!

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There’s tons of graphics and writing freelance opportunities out there. Web marketers and such are always in need of content writers, blog article writers and copy editors.

You could try for writing, it’s a fantastic resource. There are many more beyond that one too.

You might want to set up accounts at and as a contractor, and take on some freelance work at your discretion, and network with people to build yourself up and your portfolio.

While you’re getting that stuff going, you should sign up at and browse contests that relate to your skills and enter them. You could also head over to and offer small, ala carte’ services for $5 each.

Those are just a few of the good spots to check out as you get going, and good luck!

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