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If the choice were yours, how would you like to leave this world?

Asked by AstroChuck (37438points) May 24th, 2008 from iPhone

Besides old age. And I mean death, no rocket ships.

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I think I would sky dive from like 100,000 ft, with an air tank of course. (highest jump was from 102800 ft). That would be a freakin awesome way to die.

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Quickly, calmly, and loved.

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A freak putt-putt golf incident, with my family suing the corporation making them millionaires over night.

Or for my benefit, into a blackhole engulfing earth.

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Solar Expansion

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Funny you should ask this. I was just thinking about the mirror to this question this morning. As to how I would like to go, peacefully, not hooked up to tubes and monitors, with loved ones around and music, with nothing unsaid, and preferably in no pain.

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Set off a bomb so that everyone in the world dies at the same time. Including muah.

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It would have to be something comically. Like, when someone asks how I died, I want their first reactions to be laughter then sadness.

Maybe if I slipped on banana peel then piano fell from a ten story building and crushed me. That would okay.

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To answer my own question, I’d like to go out of this world the same way I came into it – naked and being spanked.

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I would like to die in my sleep, while taking a nap on the beach. I want the sounds of the waves crashing on the ocean to be the last thing I listen to before nodding off.

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A friend of mine left on Thurs. morning.
On Wed. He and his wife spent several hours here walking around, admiring the view, drinking my beautiful well water w. fresh mint. He was animated, energetic, affectionate, and 69 w. a history of heart problems.

At. 8:30 AM the next morning, he fell down in his bathroom, turned blue, told his wife he loved her and was pronounced dead from a massive correnary at the hospital at 10:30AM.

A good death for him; everyone else is in shock.

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Quietly in my sleep, just like my Uncle…
Not screaming like the other passengers in his car….

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Peacefully in my sleep, content & resolved.

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@martinez: a close member of my family shot himself…it is not a good way to go, either for the shooter or those left behind. I will spare you the details but the ripples go on for generations.

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I would like to slip peacefully from this world in the arms of my husband.

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Like my fantasy, whereas there would be 50 women each weighing 190lbs 5’8 – 6ft all on a huge platform and I’d be underneath. So being crushed flat under the pressure of 50 women standing on me. Yeah I m weird, but what a way to go.

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@gailcalled, my heartfelt sympathy goes out to you. I’m so sorry for your loss…

So many times throughout the day, I find myself praying that when I return home, I’ll find my boyfriend sitting at his pc answering someone question on fluther, because I know one day he won’t be.

I know this sound selfish, but I want to be with him when its his time to go, I want him to know he won’t be alone, that I will hold him until he breathes his last breath, but what I really want him to know is that he is loved very

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I want to die the same way Huxley died- on acid.

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I will leave just the way I’ve already planned: sedated and passing out from oxygen deficiency via inert gas inhalation while in my loving girlfriend’s arms.

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First I’d piss off my entire family and disown them. That way, it wouldn’t be so sad for them when they found out. As for the way of dieing…I want to die doing something or seeing something or experiencing something that no one has ever done

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Like trying to touch the sun, or dancing on the moon without a space suit.

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There is a story about a man who walked into a bar and ordered a gin. He asked the time. Before he took a sip, he fell over and died. They think the reason he asked the time is because he knew he was going to die.

Or a pastor who carefully took off his robes and shoes near a river, then drowned himself in it.

I want to go casually, confidently, knowingly. I want to go in such a way that it’s not a mess for others. And if it’s badass like either of these two stories, icing on the cake.

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in my sleep, painless, calm and relaxed.

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With a smile on my face or a look of utter surprise.

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On a shuttle to another world identical to this one, but without all the honking.

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