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If you could live forever would you?

Asked by daytonamisticrip (4856points) July 25th, 2010

If there was like some potion to make you live forever would you take it? why or why not?

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sorry didnt know someone already asked this

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No way.

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I would be very tempted. With the path society seems to be on, it could make for a very sad existence though.

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Would I be young? Would I be able to physically withstand accidents or disease? No? Then no.

Chronic illness and pain are bears to put up with. And I wouldn’t want to be 5,000 years old, say, and actually be that old.

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No. I think nearer in our future is a potion to take to end our lives painlessly…like in the movie Children of Men.

I apprecite the drive for life as much as I need it to get though my hopefully, 80–90 years….Living longer than that would be exhausting and I would probably just get bored.

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It’s been asked before, but it always makes me check to see if my thinking has changed. It hasn’t. I wouldn’t want to live forever. Why? Because I couldn’t bear having to watch everyone I ever knew and loved die before me; I’ve already lost more of them than I ever wanted to.

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@Austinlad that’s a great point too….why would I want to outlive the people that I care most about? It would be lonely and sad….

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If I could be guaranteed happiness then of course I would. Anyone who says otherwise is being less than truthful.

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Yes. No doubt whatsoever. I’d have no shotage of ideas to keep myself occupied. For one, I have more ideas for stories than I have tiome to write those stories. In addition, I’d learn to play every possible instrument, learn to sing, compose music, spend a career as a rock star, go to medical school, spend a career as a surgeon, go to pilot school, spend a career as an airline pilot, travel. I’d travel to every city in the world, play every Xbox and Playstation game. I’m sure I’d come up with new ideas as time goes on…

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No, I would hate to see everyone I loved die over and over.. This question reminds me of the movie Highlander. In the movie he was not so happy either.

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I’ve died and have been reborn more times than I can remember; that would only continue even if my body was rendered immortal. Sure, I’d like to live forever. I suspect that the ability our minds have to deal with the passage of time now would still be effective in maintaining sanity over centuries. There would be plenty of time to figure out how to make things work.

And if we didn’t have the basic needs of our bodies to worry about, we could focus all energy into improving things and making life more stable for the countless years to come.

Oh, I assumed that everyone would live forever. If it was just me, I guess it would still be good. Yeah. Think about how much the human race benefits from the wisdom of its elders that live only about 100 years or so. Even if I couldn’t find a way to help others become immortal like me, (I would try,) I could still potentially be an asset to humanity.

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If I could stay a certain age, fuck yeah! If I grew older & older, having to watch my dick shrivel up. A tiny pathetic ickle thing, nah that you can keep.

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I am perfectly content with the spin I am alotted, whether that means my number is up today or in another 40 years! lol

I am grateful I have a strong sense of inner peace and have had as interesting of a life as anyone.

It’s all good….when my numbers up I’ll go into the great mystery at peace.

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Besides..we are all eternal…just not in a way that most minds can comprehend. ;-)

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Absolutely. Life is one thing I couldn’t live without.

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It’s easy to say no because I know this is never going to happen to me, butt if the chance did come up, I’d probably say yes.

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But only if there are plenty of slurpees.

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@Coloma Noooo that would be like a ghost reliving its death for all of eternity! XD

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Not unless I was restored to full health and all those I love would have the same choice and benefits.
That would end up to be a quickly growing geometric progress that would end up including millions of people, wouldn’t it.

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That would be a good excuse to advance the space program and colonize other planets.

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I’m going to assume that along with that development, they would also make sure it included good health, otherwise it wouldn’t work———so yes.

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If I would be totally healthy and there was enough for my whole family to take some, then sure, why not?

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Of course

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No because there wouldnt be any reason to live if you know its never ever gonna end. so you wouldnt appreciate the life you have if you know your never gonna be in the risk of death. and it would be so horrible being super old and cant do anything and have to keep livin.:/ but know if you could stay young looking and live forever tht would be a harder dissension.

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What’s with all the people who want to die???? I don’t get it!

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It’s not about wanting to die, it’s about having an ego slightly smaller that the state of Rhode Island, being content with one’s allotted time frame and not greedy for more than ones natural shelf life. lol

That’s how I feel anyway.

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oh yea I wanna to live forever

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The reason life is so precious and worth living is because it is doomed. We know it can end at any time, maybe tomorrow or maybe 30 years later. That is the reason why we try and make the best of today. I can’t imagine a life that is endless, that would be boring,not to mention, uninteresting.

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@SufiClown I find it an interesting way to look at things. I’ve often pondered on whether or not the ephemeral state of certain things is what makes something to be cherished.

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@Symbeline You should try and think about it in terms of things you have in abundance. For instance air or water. You’ll realize we start taking it for granted for a simple reason we know that its endless. Try staying thirsty for a whole day and then drink water, that’s when you cherish it most.

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I’ve often realized the worth of certain things and how we take things for granted. Food for example. When I have money I buy so much without thinking about it, but it’s when you’re stuck with next to no cash to buy anything for months that you start realizing that even simple ham sandwiches actually kick ass. I guess that’s just mindframes making a switch according to the situation so it may not be related to what you’re saying, but yes, oxygen is, indeed, a resource and it won’t last forever.

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Well, I might get second thoughts when all the red dwarfs cease to shine.

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yes ,yes I would

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@mattbrowne – If we’re still alive when all the red dwarfs have ceased to shine, humanity will know ALL physical laws of the universe, and we will be able to tap into zero point energy or something equally incredible, and the existence of stars (or lack therof) will be something we’ll miss (like the passenger pigeon) but will hardly need for continued existence.

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And there was light :-)

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I would love to live forever

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If I knew that the people I love will live forever too, yes. but if I had to see them die and then live forever and be alone…. no.
I’d hate to be immortal and alone
it would be fun to live forever, but it would be awful if I had to lose my mom, my friends…. who would like to live like that?

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Hell no! I’d eventually find nothing sexually exciting then!

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Definitely! I would love to live until all the entropy runs out (or do I have that backward…until all the entropy goes to the maximum).

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