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Ladies what is the best way to put perfume on?

Asked by partyrock (3870points) March 12th, 2012 from iPhone

How do you put on your perfume? Does anyone know the best way to put perfume that will have the longest staying power? What are “points” on the body that I can pit perfume on? And how do you know when it is too much? Since I lose my sense of smell and can’t really tell if I’ve put too much on or not. Thanks :)

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I spray some on my wrist – if I want a subtler scent, I’ll rub my writs together. If I want the scent to be stronger/last longer, I’ll spray each wrist and not rub them together. I tend to put a dab behind each ear and a little on my chest.

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Best to err on the “not enough” side. A dab behind the ears, a dab on the insides of your elbows and on your wrists. If you’re expecting intimacy, I’ll let someone else answer, because I don’t know.
When I was in high school and going out on a date, my father smiled and said, ” Hmm. . . perfume.” I asked if it was too much. He didn’t say yes or no, just kept going, “Hmm. . . hmm.” I went out not knowing and was furious with him. Still annoys me after all these years.

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You put it on any of the pulsepoints. Behind the ears, on the neck, behind the knees, and if you are adventuress enough between your thighs.

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I like it when a girl sprays all over, of course you have to actually let it “mistify” as well.

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How much you apply sort of depends on how strong the scent is. I know that the scent of Opium perfume just about knocks me out! A little goes a long way.

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I just spray an eensy teensy bit on my chest. And people say the scent is good and subtle.

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@Earthgirl Wow, the thigh idea drives me wild. Nice.

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Adirondackwannabe Strictly for “special” occasions, lol.

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@Earthgirl Any lady that goes to that effort deserves a special occassion.:) I love that idea.

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If it’s like a body spray, I usually spray and then walk through a few times. If it’s perfume, I usually just spray it on my wrists.

And it’s much better to use too little than too much, so use it sparingly.

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I spray it on while I’m naked so the scent sticks to my body and not to my clothes. I spray it in front of me, run through it, spray it behind me, and run backwards.

Yes. That’s seriously how I do it. And it works.

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Pulse points. I also use Victoria Secret spray on my chest.

My sis used to spray some mist of Victoria Secret on her hair.

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The less you put on, the better. None is best of all. At least, if you going out with me, because perfume gives me a headache. I was at a play last night I someone had ridiculous amounts of perfume on, and they must have moved, because while it came in waves at first, later on it disappeared.

I really think perfume is a lot like smoking cigarettes. It’s very offensive and people have no idea. And now you girls are talking about how much to put on and I’m getting scared. Just be careful. There are guys like me who get all kinds of skin rashes at the drop of a hat. Check out whether your beau can handle it before you go overboard.

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wundayatta Truth be told I really am not too crazy about strong perfume. All of the perfume smells that I like are more like powdery beautiful musky skin! I love Pink Musk by Jovan, and Wind Song which is very subtle. I bought some Opium (the perfume, people!) but when it came time to put it on I felt like I was in church and the priest was swinging that inscense burner back and forth and that was not too conducive to sex at all, lol. And in the summer scents affect me really strongly. Personally I like the smell of real skin the best. But a little subtle enhancement is good.

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An oil will last longer than a spray. I use a dark opium oil during the Fall/Winter. I will rub a dot between my palms, rub them together then run my hands through my wet hair right after I shower. A dab behind each ear (that I rub in with my wrists), a line down between my breasts and as suggested between the thighs (or if you prefer behind the knees).

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Best way is to layer your fragrance. Perfume lasts longer if your skin is well moisturized, and better to use moisturizer that is perfumed with the same scent. Better brands have shower gel, moisturizer, and deoderant, plus the various “perfumes.” Perfume, or Parfum, has the most essential oils and will last the longest. Eau de Parfum not quite as much, and Eau de Toilette, even less. You should put your perfume on wrists, neck, and decollete. Actually, hot spots are best, because they tend to be moist, more oily, and release the fragrance. Oh, one thing about the deoderants, they typically are not antipersperants. It is advised not to rub the perfume, which people often do.

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Just like a car goes through an automatic car was, so too do I spray myself with that gorgeous scent!

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I spray it on my neck, chest and wrists but sparingly. I agree with the comments about ‘less is more’. I have also read you shouldn’t rub your wrists together or you can bruise the scent… no idea if that is true.

Not much point spraying in on my thighs (nice idea though @Earthgirl) since my husband has absolutely no sense of smell!

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Putting on a non-fragranced moisturiser first will help your perfume last longer if you have dry skin. I second ‘pulse points’. I spray just a bit on my chest, but I am allergic, so if I put some on my wrists and then take my wrists and rub them on my neck (which is what I used to do, how my mother showed me to put on perfume…) I get small welts on my neck.

My mother’s age-old advice:
Spray a bit on one wrist, touch wrists together and then take both wrists and rub gently from your ears down your neck… does that make sense?

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