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Which country is next in line for liberation ?

Asked by pussinboots (213points) March 13th, 2012

As we speak David Cameron Prime Minister is flying out for a one to one summit with President Obama and top of the list is a full withdrawal of all allied troops from Afghanistan. My question is where are your thoughts on the next country to be liberated from oppression.With things almost boiling over regards Iran and it’s desire to create intercontinental missiles my thought are that there are or soon to be plans afoot to invade Iran or possibly Syria.

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I can only hope, for the sake of Americans, that it’s the USA.

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By the way, Iran would be worse than Vietnam.

And, not much point in Syria, except to justify arms production (which is of course a necessity for the Military-Industrial Complex a.k.a. Government), but usually it’s efficient to fulfil geopolitical goals at the same time as generating lucrative contracts.

Depends how insane the Republicans that get in are. Iran is a possibility…. But damn would it be messy.

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According to this article (which is in german), the CIA has no evidence whatsoever that Iran is building a nuclear weapon. Once again, this threat of WMDs is invented to justify invasion, and the world will fall for it again.

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I think, if anywhere, it would be Syria, but I think it unlikely.

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I dont think the War in Iran will be fought in a conventional manner,there will very little ground fighting involved. This will be an air fought war and i also think surface to air missiles are already loaded and the recivers are in place to guide em in.
I do know that the feeling over here is no more weekly killings of our troops,dodging IED’s and snipers during village clearances….... if the allies are forced to do this then i think/hope it will be a swift conflict. In the UK people are saying ” now fuck this we had enough ”.
I also think that this War against Iran is fairly imminant .

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Zimbabwe from Mugabe.
Tibet from the Chinese ruling.

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The Duchy of Grand Fenwick.

(oh wait, that was done before – not very successully…)

Seriously: Zimbabwe.

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…wherever there’s more oil. ;)

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What many people fail to take into consideration in all these places, Iraq and Afghanistan included is removing these overlords from power opens the door to often seriously less predictable leaders eager to step up and cause some real trouble.

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I think the victims in Syria will find it quite offensive that the US is next in line. Despite the right-wing nutcases and domination by Wall Street the US is a free country, especially when you compare it to Syria. After Syria maybe there’s a revolution in Saudi Arabia.

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