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What do you do with the leftover vegetables in your fridge ?

Asked by pussinboots (213points) March 13th, 2012

I generally make a stew but having discovered a new use Monday tea time will never be the same.

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Now there’s an activity for a rainy afternoon with kids who are going stir crazy!

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I make soup. I love the “Play with Your Food” calendars, but don’t have the talent to create with cut vegetables. (I tried.) Leftover salad goes in the soup, too.

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Sauté onion and garlic in some EVOO. Then make soup.

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Roast them with a nice chicken, a little garlic and rosemary.

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throw them out after they get rotten.

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I throw mine in a centrifuge and extract precious metals.

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We rarely have leftover veggies. I buy what I need. Make fresh juice or meals with the veg. Also, we have small and medium size animals that eat veggies daily.

Edit: If my Sheltie was in the room, I wouldn’t be able to make an instrument, as he’d be stealing the veggies from me ;)

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That’s interesting and fun! Every once and a while I’ll run into a moldy little one, then I’ll donate it to the soil.

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@whitecarnations oooooh donations are always good. The soil thanks you.

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Place them in a wheelbarrow in the garden & make like i’m having a chat with Stephen Hawking.

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Compost them.

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I am going to try to make a flute out a zucchini. If it doesn’t work I will bake it with parmasian cheese!

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Wow, now even instruments have gone organic! It was so funny in the video watching the brother in the background eating the bits he carved out, lol. Nothing is wasted! I think you need very fresh vegetables for the orchestra though. I don’t think a moldy rutabaga would do.

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I eat them.

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