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Foot fetish. DNA screwup or criminal intent?

Asked by john65pennington (29168points) March 13th, 2012

This man was really getting out of hand. He left the downtown area and starting his foot fetish, at the nearby shopping malls. He would approach a female from behind and asked her what size shoe she wore and could he see and touch her toes. Some women went along with his routine and other screamed and ran.

Question: so what gives with a person with a foot fetish? Is it in their DNA or is it just criminal intent.

BTW, he was apprehend.

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DNA is not the issue. All human beings’ voluntary actions pass through the filter of the cerebral cortex. All voluntary actions are…voluntary. Clearly there are social constraints on some behaviours and some of these are expressed in law. A person can go along and get along, or ignore these constraints. They are entitled to ignore them, but they are not entitled to expect everybody else to ignore the action. He chose to pursue his whim. That is his moral prerogative. His social milieu (represented admirably by you) does not approve. Tough shit for him.

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Saint, love your answer. He also had a brother that was a foot-stomper. That’s an entirely different story.

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That’s an excellent answer by @saint. I’d also like to add that the guy was a moron for harassing people in public. There are many venues for exploring one’s fetish amongst consenting adults: kink clubs, kink social groups, kink sites for hooking up with other kinky people with compatible kinds.

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Did he get sexual gratification from this or was it just his thing? And you can’t just hint about his brother the “foot stomper.” What the hell does that mean?

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We don’t really know why anyone has any of the desires that they do. There are many theories, but none of them are proven that much. Why this guy has a foot fetish, I cannot say – maybe it’s in his DNA, maybe some other biological component, maybe not. But, given the vast majority of foot fetishists who manage to not harass total strangers, I think we can safely say that foot fetishes do not drive people against their will to be harassers. If this guy had some problems controlling his behavior (or not realizing this was inappropriate), that’s coming from another place entirely.

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Probably an experience in pre-puberty that linked the object of fetish with his sexuality.

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