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What do you think the results of a fluther gaming clan would be?

Asked by monsoon (2528points) May 24th, 2008

Like, for COD4, or whatever your poison is.

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But what if not everyone on Fluther has an Xbox, or PS3?

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@aww, you mean like a PC game? Because that was what the “or whatever your poison is” part meant :)

Unless you mean like an actual clan, with a family lineage and coat of arms and… being Scottish. That wasn’t really what I had in mind.

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Oh, sorry for the misunderstanding =(
And by clan you mean a group of people on a game, right?

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Because I have had my fair share of online games and the term ‘clan’ is a group of people competing in something together.

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Given that the concept of Lurve is not conducive to the kind of rampant bloodlust required to win these kinds of games; I’d guess that a fluther clan would get their asses handed to them by a group of 10 year old girl scouts.

And don’t even get me started on what the Fluther clan mascot would be…

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lol, I’d definitely join the clan. I love cod4, tf2, and css.

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Depends of the game I guess. I play GW if anyone else on here does…? Add me: Adventurer Kayle
It would be fun to be part of a gaming clan, thats for sure! ;D

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I’d join!

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i might, i love cod4 for the ps3 and im pretty good.

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