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Have there ever been any successful First Person Sport video-games?

Asked by Arp (3516points) February 25th, 2010

Racing doesn’t count as a sport (In my opinion). I thought that first person american football would be interesting, seeing from inside the player’s helmet… What do you think of this idea?

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How would you see the ball? Unless in some sort of VR setting I don’t see this being very possible, lol.

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What about the original Punch Out? In the arcade I think you were a green guy who you could see through. Does anyone remember that? Then on Nintendo you were little Mac which was kind of first person.

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@rovdog No, I think that was third person…

Looks up screenshots

Yeah, it was third person :\

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It would be too hard for me to play.

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How would this work?
A real sportler would know that he has the ball at his feet because he can feel it hitting his feet. In a FP game you would have no such feedback so you woul not know you still had the ball. All the precision in football depends on the sensory, non-visual feedback from the feet while at the same time coordinating the shot with visual data from your eyes that are directed at the goal. In a FP game you would have to either shoot while not knowing how your foot hits the ball or if it hits the ball at all, or you would have to shoot blind or pause for a second to verify the balls presence. All in all, it would be unauthentic and unpleasent.

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@ragingloli So, do you think it could be accomplished once virtual reality is available, complete with force feedback from your feet? Crazy idea :P

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@arp yeah, I thought it was sort of first person-

but do you remember the arcade version where you could see through yourself? wasn’t that meant to approximate that?

Not really I guess but close

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There must be some golf games like this or something

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ESPN NFL 2k5 had a “First Person Football” mode. It was fairly entertaining, but it was pretty difficult, and you lost a lot of team control. The following year, EA obtained the exclusive rights to the NFL, so 2K games couldn’t continue the franchise, and the whole idea of first person football died. Maybe if they had been allowed to continue, the mode could have been refined into something worthwhile, but for the time being, nothing like this really exists anymore.

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The Wii is all over that.

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4D boxing did it in the early, early nineties.

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Here’s a video of the first person football mode in ESPN NFL 2k5.

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Duck Huntzzz

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That makes me want to go play duck hunt. Wow!

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Just get up and play it instead…
first Person would make the game a lot harder as it would be like actually playing it. Third person allows u to see the ball and where exactly its going, a birds eye view.

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