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Other than playing Russian roulette, can you honestly name anything that is a greater indicator of stupidity than texting while driving?

Asked by saint (3972points) March 14th, 2012

I see it on the highway. I read about people squishing themselves against the rear end of trucks while texting. There have always been a class of people that merit being classified as “The Stupid” but is this the ultimate symptom? Is there a clinical name for it?

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No and that is why it is outlawed in my state.

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Having sex with various partners while running for office seems pretty stupid.

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Driving you car backwards, on the interstate at 70 mph, is beyond stupid and suicidal for everyone.

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Using the cell phone while driving ranks up there too. I had an idiot two feet into my lane Saturday on a curve. I was getting ready for the impact. I think fuckwad came to mind.

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@john65pennington Driving you car backwards, on the interstate at 70 mph, is beyond stupid and suicidal for everyone
No doubt. But that is an aberration. Texting while driving appears to be approaching routine.

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I can’t think of anything more stupid or a clinical name for it but it seems like this simply natural selection at work. The sadist aspect of this is that innocent folks are also injured and killed.

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How about these teenagers who try to skateboard down a handrail (grinding) and end up taking it in the nuts?

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Deflating your car tires some and driving on the railroad tracks.
I knew some guys that would do this.

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Texting while motorcycling – actually saw this once.

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These idiots who are cutting into live power lines to steal the copper.
I have a few pictures of these chumps showing how they qualified for the Darwin Awards.

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How about the morons who
1) Walk or jog in the street instead of a the sidewalk (if available)
2) With traffic, not against traffic
3) Into the sun (blinding the drivers coming from behind)
4) While wearing headphones (so they have no chance at all of hearing that approaching car)
5) While pushing a baby carraige (so they can take themselves and their kids out)

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@Charles and number 6) Jog, walk wearing dark clothes at night.

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Texting while driving is Russian roulette only you are likely to take out others too.

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Trying to keep “your” “pet” tiger in your apartment, or trying to domesticate an alligator.

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The Darwin Awards can’t be topped for recognizing world-class examples of egregious stupidity.

As for routine, run-of-the-mill examples, texting while driving has to be one. So’s driving drunk, so’s jaywalking, and so’s mixing alcohol with certain medications. And so is adding lighter fluid to the barbecue after the fire has been lit.

[Edit] Looking at the recent Darwin postings, I’m bemused to note that recent entries sound less like “News of the Weird” items and more like hoaxes. So maybe they can be topped.

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Losing a doubles match at tennis when playing Stevie Wonder & Stephen Hawking.
I mean, what happened there like?

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Playing Russian roulette with an Uzi.

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