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When people refer to the"Best of both worlds" just where is the other "World"?

Asked by saint (3970points) March 14th, 2012

People occasionally refer to having the “best of both worlds”. Clearly one of those worlds is right here. The one we all live in. Where exactly is that other world? How does anybody know it is there?

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It’s not to be taken literally. The expression just means to enjoy the best that both sides related to something that includes them both can offer. Both sides obviously always being something that is accessible to everyone. Like, I play PS3 games cuz I’m a trophy whore. I’d still play games if trophies didn’t exist though, cuz games are fun.

I guess…

Also, this other world is accessible by sacrificing some goats, chanting something and doing a lot of dope.

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Heaven and Earth….what else?

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Symbeline…...would you really consider Hell as one the best of both worlds? Not me.

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Depends on the analogy. It could mean a ton of different things.

For example, if someone said, “Yea! She’s really the best of both worlds!”

It could mean she has beauty and brains. Or that she’s hot and nice. Or that she’s a lady but a freak. Or that she’s got great tits AND a great a$$.

The variations are endless… It’s just like “the holy trinity”...

Heaven, Earth, Hell
Mind, Body, Spirit
Space, Matter, Ether
Black, White, Grey
Life, Death, Purgatory
etc.. etc… etc…

It doesn’t apply to anything specific until specified.

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The other world can be found deep in the valley of the metaphors :)

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Krakatoa east of java.

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In this figurative statement it means the other choice. There are times in life where instead of having to choose one thing over another, you can: Have youre cake & eat it too!

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@ucme I’ve been there.

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@Symbeline Well i’ve seen the movie…. so there :p

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