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Have you jumped off a roof?

Asked by wundayatta (58714points) February 3rd, 2011

I think I was seven. We had a back yard with a fence around it. The garage stood on one side of the enclosure around the yard. You could use the fence to climb up on the roof of the garage. It must have been a flat roof, seeing as it was California.

I think my brother and maybe my sister or another friend were there. I have no idea why I tried. The grass was very green and soft, maybe. So I jumped.

It was a bone-jarring landing. I’m surprised I didn’t break anything. I think the breath got knocked out of me. I remember just feeling all shook up, but on the inside, and on the inside of my bones. I guess I was a bit dazed.

I don’t think anyone ever told a parent. I survived, after all, with no injuries.

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Yes, the garage roof and I was smart enough to do it when there was a 7 foot deep snow drift to plop onto! I miscalculated how deep I would sink and that took some doing to get out of that drift!

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Yeah- my friends and I used to climb onto the roof of the local community park rec center. The best way down, when someone saw you, was to jump off the back and over the fence into the drainage ditch. :) No harm. We perfected hitting the ground at a roll- like stunt actors do but sometimes got bruised. It was all an adventure.
Good times. This generation of kids are deprived. :)

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Yes. I was seven years old and assumed I could fly. I was wrong. Jumping from a height of maybe 10 feet, I hit the ground pretty hard. Walking away with a sore ankle and the realization that I was earthbound, I suppose I got lucky.

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I know that jarring feeling! The worst is landing on your back…’s a hallow feeling in your chest- similar to what I felt when I had pneumonia. I think I have jumped off an awning before, not quite as high as a roof.

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Tons of them, all when I was a kid naturally. We’d all dare each other to go ever higher & boy do I like a challenge. Schools were a speciality, don’t know why. I think the tallest must have ben close to 30ft onto soft damp grass I might add. One tip to make it seem less high was to lie down & look where you were about to land. A lot less height involved when you’re not standing. Great fun, I always wanted to be a stuntman….kinda.

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Not a roof but a moving bus. I was five and it was when they had buses with an open space at the back corner where people got on and off. I was standing on the platform with my older sister waiting for the bus to stop. We were going down this hill towards the bus stop and I have no idea why but I suddenly decided jumping off would be a fine idea. I think I had seen people (especially men) do that in the past. They hopped off while the bus was still moving. So I let go of my sister’s hand and leapt off the bus. I tell you… I can still remember how fast my legs had to pump to try to stay upright as I hit the ground! Somehow I managed not to hit the deck and slide down that hill on my face. My sister was LIVID. She screamed at me so much when she got off the bus and grabbed hold of me. I never did that again.

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..and into a pool, yes.

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Into a hayloft at a barn, yeah. I was 8. I also would hang on and stand in front of horse swings like this one, while another kid rode it properly, and when it got as high as it could get, I’d jump off. The more daring kids would do backflips from those heights in midair. That’d be from about 30 ft up.

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@Jude I need to do that…..

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Yes,and into a pool.There was a kid who used a golf umbrella.It didn’t slow him down one bit.
That was very disappointing.:(

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I have never jumped off a roof that I can remember. However, when I was younger, I was absolutely convinced that if I could get the swing to just the right point and I leaped off, I would actually fly away. Mostly, I just hurt myself, though.

@wundayatta: Did you ever tell your parents?

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Not off of the house, but off of my playhouse. My dad built it to look just like a house, shingles and all, and it was the size of a medium storage shed. He stacked wood behind it, so I would climb up the wood pile and sit on top all the time. I only jumped off once – it hurt.

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We had a flat roof on the house I grew up in in Las Vegas. We had the perfect tree for climbing and it was located right next to the garage. We often sat on the roof to see the firework displays during the fourth of July. I think I was 10 when I decided to jump off the roof. I wasn’t hurt, but I do remember having a terrible headache afterwards.

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Yeah, when I was a kid. My dad had left a ladder out and I thought it would be fun to climb up on the roof. While I was up there, the wind knocked the ladder over. I jumped off so that I wouldn’t get caught and get into trouble. Hitting the ground shocked me a bit, but I wasn’t hurt.

I never told my parents about it.

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I have at various times jumped off roofs into pools.

The day I graduated from eighth grade, I jumped off a roof onto a hillside, so there was no real fall. But I landed the arch of my foot on a bender board hidden under the ivy, and sprained my ankle. So I got my diploma while on crutches, and couldn’t dance with Dianne Williams who was off to a different high school. :-(

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Several times. The first time on a dare, then repeatedly, just because my bedroom was adjacent to the garage, and it was an act of rebellion.

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I used to jump off of garage roofs, 8 ft fences and out of trees.

I don’t know what I was thinking!

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I have a pretty good story. When I was 16, I worked at the Burger King in my home town. The town was small (about 6,000 people) and Burger King was right on the main strip of town. It was pretty late, probably about 9 or 10, and we had been dead all night. We started hanging out on the roof because it was a nice night when one of the other cooks just jumped off the roof onto the giant Whopper Hopper (The giant inflatable burger). He told us how great it was so we all started doing it. After about three rounds of that, our GM drove by and caught us. No one got fired but I thought we were all going to be. I’m pretty sure it was just our manager, who was only 20, who got in trouble.

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No way! I’ve always been afraid of heights. I did fall from a barn hayloft once. My little brother and I found a raccoon in the hayloff and thought it was good to shoot bb’s into the hay and rile him up. He went crazy, my brother-more nimble and quick shimmied down the side of the barn wall. It didnt go so well for me…I was afraid enough to try and get down, but ended up getting hung up on a nail by my jeans. I was hanging there for an eternity and just as my brother got back to the barn with my granpa, I fell when my jeans ripped. Didnt get hurt and I dont remember being scared, I was so relieved just to be down on the ground again. I dont even like climing up a ladder and jumping down the last couple rungs….

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Does skiing count?
Yeah I’ve done both I’ve jumped off my friends roof into their swimming pool. I did that several times until I belly flopped it. It was bad, it felt like I fell on the concrete.
Then my friends and I would ski off my roof onto the trampoline. Good times Nobody got hurt doing that but since I was doing that less than 10 years ago, I wonder what the hell was going through my mind. I still don’t know.

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I slid off the roof of a chicken coop all the time when I was a kid. If you look at how a chicken coop is built though, you won’t be too impressed. The roof was very slanted and barely 5 or 6 feet off the ground at the bottom. But it counts!

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Yes. Landed on my feet, my knee hit me in the jaw.

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Not a roof, but a second story window.

In high school, I was at a keg party at a friend’s house. His parents (who were supposed to be away) came home unexpectedly. Everyone panicked.

I went right out a second story bedroom window and landed in a bush in the backyard. Other than a bunch of scratches, I was (luckily) not hurt.

I proceeded to walk home, but I only made it to the square where I apparently passed out and slept the night on the bank steps.

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No. But footage of people jumping from a roof into a pool appeals to me.

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Used to do this kind of stuff for fun. We’d go for distance, or time in air. Injuries? For sure. Builds character, though. At times, you had to jump if you intended to hang.

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No but I jumped off a fence not once but twice and my tailbone hurt like hell for about a week after. It was so bad I couldn’t even sit without being in pain.

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Yes, off the roof of a garage when I was about 9 years old. Didn’t break anything, but landed in/on a thorn bush of some sort and ripped the heck out of my arms. You can still see the scars on my left arm.

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I jumped off the roof of a chicken coop. If you see how they are made, that’s no big deal.

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