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Can feelings for a person be transmitted online?

Asked by john65pennington (29248points) March 16th, 2012

Question: can feelings for a person be transmitted online?

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Yes definitely; although you can’t know the whole person (the “chemistry”) unless you actually meet them.

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@john65pennington I’m worried about you. To answer the question, yes I think you can communicate feelings online.

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I’d say yes. I have someone I know online for now, eight years. Everyday he asks me how I am, if I am sad he comforts me, we chat about all sorts. Have gone through deaths, losses together. He probably “feels” more for me and my life than anyone I know.We have also spent many years on cam, so he has watched me grow old I feel! I probably get more feeling and care from him, than any real life soul here in my dismal life. I sometimes wonder at why this happened, two souls just meeting up at the right time? or was it less threatening because we did not know each other so feel more. The chemistry part I don’t know as I haven’t met him physically.

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Sure! Just as personal sentiments are conveyed with a Hallmark Card, similar words of endearment can be sent via PM, e-mail or text.

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JLeslie, pls do not worry. It was a question for my daughter.

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Yes. Yes, feelings can be translated on line. BUT the danger comes in when you have unscrupulous people “faking” those feelings to lure someone in. It’s much, much, much more difficult to detect online than in real life.

OK, now I’m worried about your daughter (and I’m not faking it…but I could be. See?)

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It is possible, but like @Dutchess_III has mentioned, I have personally known people who faked a persona just to mess with someone online or to receive attention from someone but they have no intention to actually meet the other person. You never really know someone until you meet them in person.

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Yeah, it’s not different than writing a love letter.

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Of course they can. It’s happened to me many times.

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Just as much as feelings can ever be communicated by words.

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In my case, what you see/hear is what you get. I am a very genuine type, however, I will say that I have had 2 experiences with online “dating” where the men were exceptionally well spoken/emotive in their writing, but completely closed off in person. I think the danger is that for some really repressed types they find safety in expressing themselves online but fall woefully short in real life. One reason I don’t pursue any online dating these days, too many fraudulent types.

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From my own experience, yes.

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Affection yes, but not true love. I’d say it requires smell or touch.

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