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Anyone know what a "gex pad" is?

Asked by srmorgan (6768points) March 16th, 2012

I do pottery projects. A book that I read talks about scraping greenware (dried, unfired clay) with a “gex pad” to bring out the underlying pattern if you are working with colored clay.

The writer of this book was either Belgian or French and I wonder if the “gex pad” is a European product.

Any ideas?

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I could be wrong @srmorgan, but Bosch has a sander known as a GEX. My best guess is that the book meant a sanding pad.

EDIT: In checking on the GEX, I see the sand paper attaches to what looks similar to a Scotch cleaning pad (I don’t know if you’re in the USA or not. Here is the type of cleaning pad used for greenware here and here is a site which also shows the use of a cleaning pad for scraping greenware.

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