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That "Clean Shower" stuff that you spray on the shower walls and it cleans automatically...can you spray it on the rest of the bathroom walls if they're the same tile?

Asked by Mr_M (7596points) November 2nd, 2008

Will it clean the rest of the walls automatically?

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you must believe in magic.

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The shower cleaner breaks up the soap scum and dissolves the minerals that leave a filmy deposit on shower walls/bathtub surfaces. If it’s a spray on and leave alone product, it only works because the next time you shower, the treated surfaces get water splashed on them, allowing the cleaner to be rinsed off. Usually this doesn’t work really well unless you are starting with absolutely clean walls and use the product diligently.

The cleaner can be used on other bathroom surfaces, but if you just spray it on and leave it, nothing will change. You do have to wipe it off.

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I don’t know about the tile stuff, but you MUST try Awesome! It is truly just that. Never seen anything else clean like that. AND you can probably find it at the 99 cents store!

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@ chic are you actually Billy Mays?

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Wow, like I think that totally could be awesomely possible, dude.

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no, not for walls. The idea w/the shower spray is it makes the water RUN OFF the shower walls so it doesn’t sit there and mold. It’s a misnomer that it ‘cleans.’ Just keeps it from sitting and getting black!

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