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Are you aware of vasectomy season?

Asked by Aethelwine (42476points) March 16th, 2012

Apparently the rate of vasectomies rises during March Madness and the Super Bowl. I learned about this today and it amused me.

Good idea if you are a sports fan, right? I think so.

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I had not heard of that, but I do seem to remember there is a divorce season. It’s either after the holidays, or after tax season, I can’t remember.

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Wtf lol, did I really just read this? They’re timing the vasectomies so they can rest and watch sports uninterrupted? Genius.

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That explains a lot. I had noted a rise in early morning woodpeckers and just thought it was something that would pass with the flow of time.

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When I had mine done, I don’t recall planning it around anything, except possibly a slow time at work.

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Well, it is breeding season for most North American mammals and birds right now. The official breeding season is roughly Feb. to June for most species, sooo, makes sense to get neutered in the spring before the urges to build a nest and lay eggs with a sexy little bird get the best of a guy lol

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well, frankly, i don’t care how they’re getting them done, as long as they’re getting them done and not wanting the women to get their tubes tied, instead.

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