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How well does Crossover Games and similar work on MacOSX?

Asked by bomyne (636points) March 18th, 2012 from iPhone

I currently have a Windows 7 gaming PC but i am currently looking at replacing it with an iMac. Most of the games i care about run on MacOSX anyway, except Mass Effect 3 and Star Wars: The Old Republic. I would like to know if either runs under Crossover Games or similar and how well do they run? Thanks

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Why would you want to replace a Perfectly Good Windows PC with a mac? Also, virtualisation of any kind, due to its very nature, always has compatibility issues and reduced performance. Do not do it.

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There is no such thing as a perfectly good windows PC :)

I’m tired of Windows. The majority of my games have Mac Versions already and I’ve had success with World of Warcraft under Crossover on Linux. WoW has a mac version, so all I need is for TOR and ME3 to run on Mac.

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@bomyne There is no such thing as a perfectly good windows PC :)

Spoken like a true non-computer-sciences major, considering you’re suggesting mac as a better option.

As for the actual question, as a rule of thumb if you’re emulating anythign the requiriements range from 1.5 to 2 times the original or more, depending how well they were implemented in the first place. Considering we’re talking games that include a multiplayer feature, i stringly suggest you test it at the very least before buying.

Furthermore you need to check if Origin’s DRM system is compatible with compatibility layers like Crossover, because many systems are not because they can’t tell if the layer is feeding them false data, making them think it could be a crack.

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Use Bootcamp. It allows you to boot into Windows 7 for games at a native speed. Sure, you have to reboot but unless you are playing Plants vs Zombies I don’t see that as huge problem since you will spend hours in the game.

It will even make a new partition on the same disk for a Windows install. You can select which OS to boot if you hold down the “option” key during a boot.

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@Just_Use_Bootcamp The op already has a windows computer and they stated they don’t want to have to deal with windows anymore. It’s obvious they could dual boot, their question implies that’s not an option they want to consider

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Um, why not just find out for yourself? It looks like you can download a trial version and search the website for game compatibility like SW:TOR.

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@phaedryx The op doesn’t already have a mac.

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It’s probably important to note that a new iMac will chug running Mass Effect 3 or TOR without a virtualization layer like CXG. Plus, as @Thammuz said, you have Origin to deal with, so you’d essentially have to run Origin in CXG, and then find some way to have it launch the games virtualized as well.

It’s possible, I’m sure, but I wouldn’t recommend it, especially as you’d probably take about a 20FPS hit from the virtualization on top of the worse performance from the Mac hardware.

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@Thammuz good point, pays to read more carefully

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@Deanv That’s fine, I only get about 30FPS in Windows lately. Used to get no less than 60 but i don’t know nor care why Windows is doing this now. I’m sick of it and as i said, the majority of the games i want are cross platform with MacOSX.

@Thammuz I never even thought about Origin and DRM. God i hate those.

Thanks everyone.

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@bomyne You have to factor in the fact that, with the same hardware, using Crossover you’d get 15 FPS if you were lucky.

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