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Can you install Word 2010 without Windows?

Asked by mayratapia_ (368points) September 30th, 2011

I need to use Word 2010 for a typing class. I have a Mac. I just now purchased the Microsoft Office Home and Student 2010. I will be installing via BootCamp or Parallels, which ever works. Do I need to get Windows as well or can I just install ^that software?

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To use Boot Camp or Parallels, you need a copy of Windows.
Otherwise, you can use Word 2011 for Mac.

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Thank you @Vortico, first straight answer!

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Try Open Office. I use it on my Windoze machine and on my Linux machine.

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You will need Windows whichever way you go. Of the two, Boot Camp is probably preferable if for no reason other than price.

Or you could just go with Word 2011 for Mac and saved yourself a lot of hassle and a bit of money; Windows 7 isn’t cheap.

@HungryGuy For personal use, I would recommend LibreOffice, a fork of/from OpenOffice, and pretty much the same thing. Long story short, the people who wrote OO didn’t like what Oracle may do to OO, so they made LO. However, the commands and interface are different enough from Word that OO/LO may not be the best thing unless the OP is willing/able to “translate” certain things.

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Try winebottler or, indeed, and TDF’s LibreOffice are great.

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