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What games/adventures did you indulge in as a kid that you'd consider to be dangerous?

Asked by ucme (50021points) March 19th, 2012

Other than playing football or chasing girls, my pals & I got up to all kinds of dangerous stunts.
Climbing & jumping off rooves, sliding down street lights, we used to call that the “Batman pole”
One game, called Split the kipper basically invoved knife throwing & doing the splits….crazy but loads of fun.
So yeah, over to you.

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Oh good heavens! All of them! There was a field next to my neighbor’s house. He had a mini-bike and he’d worn a track around the field. Kids would hide in the field in the high grass, and someone would ride around on the mini bike and throw sharpened sticks at them! And I don’t mean twigs…I mean, 1X1’s that had been cut off at a sharp angle with a saw! That’s just what comes to mind first. I don’t know how I lived through my childhood.

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Climbing up the downspout gutter to retrieve balls from the top of the school auditorium.
It was recklessly stupid.

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My siblings and I jumped off of things, into the snow.
Parkour, or free running, before it was cool. (Before we knew it even had a name)
Climbing trees, and fighting in them.
Jumping from the roof of my house, to the roof of a nearby motor-home, to the shed on the other side. (Parkour from the roof tops!)
And many more things, that I can not recall at the moment..

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We played at construction sites after hours climbing on the equipment and stuff.

We biked in the streets without helmets.

We sledded down hills that ended in streets with traffic.

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Sticking our fingers into the votive candles at St Mary’s church, so we could get the wax on our fingertips. We had to avoid the flame, by sticking our fingers in when it flickered in the opposite direction, then we had to take the finger out so that the wax would harden (which it did quickly).
Sometimes, we would get a bit singed. The greatest danger? Making sure the nuns didn’t catch us doing that. What would we do with our “waxy fingertips”...? Nothing. We would peel them off and do it again…what else?? :)

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We enjoyed the miracle of rapid oxidation: termite, gunpowder, fireworks, etc. It’s amazing we survived.

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B.B. gun fights. I shot my neighbor boy in the ass once from a half a block away. I was particularly proud of that shot.
We took the sewer lids off and climbed down in them to retrieve baseballs and just to investigate was down there. My brother dropped it on my head once lol Suckers are heavy: (
Jumped off garages to get balls and frisbies from the gutter sometimes shoes and other personal property.
Climbed out of our second story bedroom window and walked up on the roof.
I had friends that would have Roman candle pace offs (kinda like the old fashioned gun fights).

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Playing with fire, firearms, fireworks.
Breaking a thermometer to play with the mercury.
I started hitchhiking in junior high.

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Shopping cart baseball. There is a shopping cart for each base. You must get in to the shopping cart with both feet for it to count as tagging the base. Note: This was played on pavement. stupid

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Stacking a bunch of mattresses on the ground outside and jumping off the roof onto them.

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We jumped off roofs onto sawdust piles and onto hay. We also threw jarts (lawn darts) at each other. I got one right on the head one time. It bounced off.

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Skateboarding and BMX biking, especially. My friends and I would go down big steep hills on our bikes. I never got seriously injured, but I did get scraped up quite a bit.

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Not really a game, but I loved climbing when I was a teen. Some friends and I climbed some horribly dangerous shit though. Underneath bridges, a communication tower, (just a ladder going straight up, but still, it went pretty high) a crane, (full of damn grease or oil, and it was freezing cold) rooftops of all sorts. Thinking of that now kinda gives me goosebumps. Could have got killed, not to mention arrested. Ha but you get such a rush from doing that.

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Playing in unfinished houses and climbing on the construction equipment.

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Climbing trees, diving into shallow pools, jumping off cliffs into rivers, rock climbing up mossy waterfalls without ropes, running around the neighborhood after dark… the usual from “back when.”

The most idiotic-dangerous thing I did when I was 17 (still somewhat a kid, relatively) was when my friend and I hitchhiked through DC at 2 AM. We got into 3 different cars before we were scared enough to stop.

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We took a rope and put it across a chasm that (then) seemed like it was about 2000 yards across. It was probably more like 100 yards. We then (clinging to the rope) crept across the chasm for no reason.

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All of the above plus Skitchin (or hookey-bobbin): This was usually done with a school bus, but we occasionally did it with random cars. After a fresh snow, or when there is a good layer of packed snow on the road you grab hold of the rear bumper and “ski” on your shoes as the vehicle goes down the road. Similar to grabbing a vehicle while on a skateboard, but in winter, without a board, and your shoes are in contact with the frozen, snow-packed street.

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Messing about on a farm, clambering on machinery, building forts out of hay bales, swimming in rivers, cycling and horse-riding around a 20 mile range without our parents ever knowing more about our whereabouts than “I’ll be back for tea”.

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