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Did you enjoy watching the movie "The Artist"? What did you think of it?

Asked by partyrock (3870points) March 19th, 2012

For anyone who is a cinephile, what did you think of the movie The Artist? Did anyone see it and not like it? Do you think it deserved to win so many awards? If not, why not? What didn’t you like about it? Did you think any other movies deserved to win(best picture, best male actor, etc) ?

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I enjoyed the movie up to a point and felt it deserved to win for style and originality. However, the story itself was quite predictable and I got a bit bored by the last third. I really loved Hugo but I’m not sure it should have won over The Artist.

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I enjoyed it, except for the suicide scene. That was very difficult for me to watch and I really could have done without that. The movie didn’t engross me so much as intrique me. I found myself watching my own reactions and analyzing what was making me react this way or that way as much as I found myself just watching.

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As a longtime fan of silent movies, I loved it.
I always watched silent movies. On Television in the early 60’s, I loved “Fractured Flickers” with Hans Conreid. They would cut up old silent film, and insert funny dialog or just odd noises. In the early 70’s I discovered Keaton, Lloyd, Chaplin, Langdon, and all the others. I searched local theaters for retrospectives of silent films. Sunrise, Wings, Seventh Heaven, Nosferatu… It was a wonderful time.
Most people are afraid of silent film, and when The Artist came out, I was afraid people would avoid it out of ignorance. I am glad it won so many awards, and I do think it deserved them.

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Not my cup of tea & I think this kind of genre revival can only work once.
By definition it’s a throwback to the birth of cinema, continuing the theme would just feel artificial & contrived.

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It’s on my list of films to see. I will post when I have. I am looking forward to it though.

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It’s a breath of fresh air for me. A welcome novelty in the form of a dignified, artistic, nostalgic and fun tribute to that long lost cinematic legacy.

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I liked it and thought it was really well acted. I forgot it was a silent film after a while. I could watch it again. It was a little gem of a film.

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I was disappointed by it – I just saw it last week, so have heard the hype for about 3 months or more now, which may be why I was expecting more from it than I got. The silent movie part of it was lovely – it was very enjoyable to experience that in a cinema, and to share in the laughs with those around me much more openly than with talkies. The use of sound was cleverly done, though too obvious for my liking, as was the plot. I found myself desperately hoping something different from what I expected would happen, but no joy. The use of the “BANG”, whilst done for cleverness’ sake (and perhaps it was the only way it could have been done) felt in very poor taste, if only for a split second.

All that said, the main actor had a very winning stage-presence, and I could watch him silently for hours…. ;-)

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Harper I like the last wink at the end hehe… Same here :)

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I loved it. For a few reasons. Number one, I love the 1920’s and I enjoyed seeing the fashions especiallly the hats! The hats! The hats!!!! I could have loved that movie for the hats alone. (The following day I wore my 20’s cloche in honor of my inspiration from the movie and totally enjoyed feeling a part of it)

But, seriously, I also liked the premise of the movie. It spoke of a time when something new, the “talkies” were dramatically outmoding something that had been valued and esteemed but was about to become extinct (silent movies). In our fast moving world this is happening more and more often and more and more quickly. One day you’re in, and the next out as Heidi would say! (Project Runway quote, for non-fans) And one has to think of what this says about us as humans. In this case the man thrived on his fame and being in the limelight and was lost when he was instantly made extinct. True, he didn’t adapt himself and he was proud. He realized this in the end. I loved the happy ending because it showed that if someone loves you and believes in you they will always see your worth, even if no one else does. In doing that, maybe they can save you. Love conquers all!! What’s not to like?

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