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Are there any popular movies where none of the cast was paid?

Asked by Ltryptophan (11296points) March 9th, 2020 from iPhone

When I watch a show, or movie, if the actors are great it doesn’t matter, but sometimes I wonder how much of the actors effort is because they are so well paid.

Perhaps having a director present makes this a non-issue.

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The Blair Witch Project?

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^^ Beat me to it!

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Send him a Coke !!

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You may be able to find a lot of them on Youtube. A lot of shorts or even series and full-blown movie projects on Youtube are made by people out of pure passion. Their quality can sometimes rival that of commercial movies, because some creators are actual film students/film producers in real life and are just doing this as side projects or just out of pure love for the craft.

Some of those Youtube filmmakers technically get paid, but they get their money mostly through Youtube ads or donation from fans or, in some cases, crowdfunding. So they aren’t making money in the traditional way, and they have no say in how much money they get from each person, or whether someone wants to pay at all. So if you are asking about stable income then that’s your answer.

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Blair WItch was filmed right near where Auggie and I grew up. I never saw the movie, was it any good? It’s scary right? I don’t like scary movies.

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@JLeslie It may not be scary now because right now there are scarier movies out there. But imagine when it was released. It would be the first time you get to see a supposedly found footage. Everything is just too amateurly made to be a movie. You would think you are actually watching a footage from a camera of a real murder victims. This is something only the police get to watch, not you! It would be the most horrifying experience you have had in your entire life.

So yeah, if you don’t like horror movies, you can just skip it. When I go watch movies with my friends, the first question I ask is “do you like horror movies” because I know I love horror movies but some people don’t :)

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