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Do you want your mom to look young and hip?

Asked by JLeslie (59492points) March 19th, 2012

To wear trendy fashion, show her figure, always looks put together, others find her pretty, she gets a lot of attention.

Or, do you want her to be fairly average, not stand out, not too sexy, not too pretty, if you are a girl maybe definitely not prettier than you?

I am not talking about looking slutty, or showing too much skin, just more about a basic style.

Are you female or male? How old are you? Has your feelings on this changed over time.

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My mother dresses average anyway, she wears jeans and sweaters. I can’t justify thinking of her dressing any other way lol. I am curious though, is it a big deal to some women if their mothers look prettier than them? That’s not a normal worry is it?

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@Blackberry it seems it can be. I knew one girl whose mother was absolutely gorgeous. I went to community college with her, and her mom was taking some classes too. Anyway, when I met her mother afterwards I said, “your mother is beautiful.” she made a face and kind of sarcastic “great.” I asked if she didn’t think her mom was pretty, and she said it kind of sucks her mom gets all the attention for being beautiful. My neice seems to love that her mom is pretty, but she does want her mom to dress “appropraite for her age.” A woman I know says she purposely tones it down when she is with her daughter, becaise she wants her daughter to be the one to shine. I think probably there is not a generalization to be made about these things, probably just depends on the particular person, but maybe not? I don’t know.

I have no idea how men feel about these things.

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My mother is studying to become a paralegal. She dresses like a lawyer, lately.
I don’t really care what she wears, but I must admit that the lawyer look works for her, since she lost all the extra weight.

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My mom is 83. It would be weird for her to dress sexy. I would just think she lost her mind.
My daughter doesn’t mind if I dress a bit sexy, but my son has wanted all of my covered completely since he could talk. I remember looking in sear catalog with me when he was about 5. Everytime I asked him to pick out clothing for me for summer, he would pick a full length skirt and shirt with long sleeves. My daughter would pick shorts and even short crop tops for me.
If I had a shirt with buttons, he would try to button it for me all the way to the neck. Grown up, it still is about the same. My daughter actually picks things for me sometimes that I think is too young, and my son, well lets just say he is forbidden from picking clothing for anyone. LOL
But he does like for me to look fresh and put together. Just no where near sexy.

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My mother is beautiful. She dresses in classy skirts and blouses.
I couldn’t imagine her wearing the things young people wear today.

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My mom can’t help but look young and hip. She’s 44 and I am 22, but people mistake her for my sister, girlfriend, or even wife sometimes. She looks like she’s my age without any makeup or anything. I like my momma that way.

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@Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard it must be great virtually having grown up with your mom!

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Have just realized I am the same age as Fiddle’s momma. Ack!

My girls constantly try to get me to dress better (more fashionable, less frumpy) than I do, and sometimes pick out clothes for me that I think are too young. They encourage me to wear make-up, too. I don’t know that they’d like me to look young and hip so much as they’d like me to look like I care. ;)

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My mom is in her late 70’s and she has earned the right to look however she damn well pleases. She is a classy lady and dresses accordingly.

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No, because it’s really none of my business how she, or anyone else looks.
Besides, looking “young & hip” just seems a little shallow & meaningless.

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I want my mother to stay in what we buried her in. It would really give me the creeps otherwise.

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Too late for that. She’s 83 years old. Hipness is, well, out of the question.

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I wish my three kids were on fluther. I would love to eavesdrop on their conversation in this subject. They saw me go from an apropriatley puggy mama to losing 80 lbs and getting a tummy tuck and a boob lift. I look and feel younger at 51 than I did when I was in my 30’s.
@augustlan I’m even older that @Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard ‘s mom!

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I have a style of my own, and have enjoyed being an attractive woman, but, I do think that some women go too far in their neurotic quest to remain young and hip. On the other hand my daughter is 24 and she has been wanting me to get a piercing for years now, like a little diamond on my nose, she thinks I would look “cute.” haha
She is very complementary about saying how she thinks a certain something would be really cute on me, but, nah, I don’t need my nose pierced thanks. ;-)

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What I consider “sexy” these days, on me, is a focus on cleavage, not the caboose. lol
Sooo, I dress to complement my cleavage and camoflage my ass. haha This is not a mother/daughter/young/old dichotomy, it is dressing to suit your body type best regradless of age. ;-)

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My mum is in her 80s so no, I think it would be very strange if she started dressing sexy again.

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I think a mom should dress with confidence, style and self-understanding. This communicates so much to the kids about how to be self-confident. Wearing clothes the way the kids do is a no-no, but wearing similar with style and confidence says comfort with change, confidence and understanding of the social world, demonstrates how to use clothing to adapt to any situation. Examples communicate so much.

Let’s remember that any Rosie the Riveter stripped out of the factory jumpsuit into a pretty outfit for dancing the night away, put on the right outfit for doing errands, had just the right accessory for the PTA meetings, there’s no reason today’s woman can’t do the same with today’s fashions.

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When I was growing up, my Mom was always Miss Fashion Plate. She had a great figure and dressed very stylishly. She worked full time too .. and that was not so common for Moms during the 60’s. My friends thought she was really pretty, which she was.

It was nice having a stylish Mom, but honestly, I would have preferred a Mom who didn’t dress as nicely and who was more “motherly”. That’s more important to kids!

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I want her to be herself.

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