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Best way to recover/energize for a young athlete?

Asked by tianalovesyou (709points) March 19th, 2012

What’s the best food/vitamin/powder/thing that is good for athletes under 18? (specifically running) Is there anything that can help me recover faster after a long run/exercise?

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Make sure your iron level is good.

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It also depends on what you call a “long” run, how quickly you run it and what environment you are running in. The sugary drinks are not the best choice. At drug stores you can buy powders and gels that are not full of sugar.

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@rooeytoo If the OP is running distance they need to be carbed/sugared up to make the distance and then replenish the sugar storage (glycogen) in their body I would think?

@tianalovesyou If you use protein powders check the labels, some have a lot of cholesterol. If cholesterol is a concern for you. Some people don’t have a problem even when they consume a lot of it.

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@JLeslie – There is a lot of discussion about what is needed and when. That is why I asked what is meant by distance and what kind of weather.

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Eat within 30 minutes post run to gain the most benefits. The sooner you can get the food in the better, as your resting metabolic rate is elevated post exercise.
I would recommend eating a protein and a carbohydrate together-
like a tuna sandwich, eggs and a piece of wheat toast etc to get the benefits of protein sparing.

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