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Videographers: Which would you prefer? 60fps at 720 or 24fps at 1080?

Asked by whitecarnations (1635points) March 19th, 2012

Or perhaps you might mix it up? This is for recording live musical performance.

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Definitely 60 at 720. Smoothness is always better.

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Framerate, definitely.

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With action and motion, frame rate is very important.

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My buddy told me 24 for film quality, 30 is ok, but 60fps is kinda pushing it? What does he mean by this? Just for live music quality. I kind of understand what he means (it looks slightly like it’s in “hyper” mode sometimes? and just overall unreal or too new)

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@whitecarnations I find film and television to be a bit choppy. While 24 FPS may be fine for anybody who is neither a gamer nor a bit on the hyper side, I find such low framerates to be somewhere between distracting and eye-hurting, depending on how caffeinated I am.

Note also that the recent popularity of large-screen TVs and monitors makes low framerates even worse. While it used to be that an object would only jump 1/16” between frames which is small enough to at least appear somewhat smooth, the same image will now jump up to ¼” between frames, appearing decidedly jerky and spastic. Have you ever seen people dancing while lit only by a strobe light? How un-smooth it looks?

Gamers generally have a hard time with less than 40 FPS, and I can barely look at a CRT monitor that has a refresh rate of 60Hz; they flicker 2–½ times as fast as a 24FPS movie and yet even that appears very uneven.

The only exception I can think of is if you are going for a faux-retro look (like back when framerates were arbitrary and often uneven) or some other truly artistic effect. If you want to make it look like an amateur shot with an old Super-8 or a cheap cell-phone then a choppy framerate is okay.

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I guess essentially for slo mo projects the more FPS the better.

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