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What is your opinion on giving second chances?

Asked by AshLeigh (16276points) March 19th, 2012

I believe people almost always deserve a second chance.
It’s when they need third, fourth, or even fifth chances that I would draw the line.
What do you think?

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Infinite chances is my rule. But I invest less and less emotionally each time.

I am a romantic. Even when I know somebody is gonna let me down, nothing is more magical than those occasions when they don’t.

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Depends on the thing. Generally I feel everyone deserves a second chance. As far as third fourth and fifth…if it is a cheating spouse, probably of ot seems tp be a pattern, you either have to except they will always be cheaters are dump the person. But, for other things, if someone is trying to be better, do better, probably they deserve a second chance, even a third, or more. It depends how negatively they are impacting others.

They say Pres. Clinton believed in second chances, many many second chances. That people should be allowed to redeem themselves.

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I’m a forgiver. I just can’t hold a grudge against someone I care about.

That being said, when it comes to infidelity, that is something I am unable to forgive.

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I rarely even give first chances to anyone anymore… let alone a second chance.

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It depends what they did.
Sometimes they don’t get a second chance at all. Sometimes they may deserve countless chances. I’m a really forgiving person.

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I don’t have a policy, it depends on the person and how I feel about them.

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Depends on who, their history, their actions, their attitude, their sincerity, the seriousness of the action and why they did what they did(what may have led them in that direction).

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Sometimes a second chance is deserved. Not always. A third chance——never.

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We’re only human. Yes.

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I believe in last chances no matter how many other chances were used to get there.

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MIxed feelings. I wouldn’t have given John Hinckley a second chance.

I’m sorry we gave George Bush a second chance.

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A second chance is ok, but nothing more. Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me works pretty good.

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It depends entirely upon the person and the circumstances. Sometimes I feel too hurt to open up to and trust a person after a betrayal.

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Yes. My husband and I have been married for 20 years now. We were married at a young age of 21. We have both made a few mistakes in our past and we wouldn’t still be together if we didn’t believe in forgiveness and second chances. People can (and do) change and learn from their mistakes.

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I think that the real answer here is our trust and confidence in other people. Can people really change? Or is bad behavior, once displayed, repeatable and expected?

Example: Your wife is sleeping with another man. She comes back to you and apologizes – it will never happen again, give her a second chance, the whole schmeer.

On the one hand, there is the tendency to want to forgive. But on the other hand, has the fact that she slept with someone else previously and indication that the might do it again?

How much are we devaluing OURSELVES if we give second chances?

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It depends on the circumstances, I think. In serious circumstances, I give second chances but no more after that.

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Different people, different connections, different circumstances, there is no one policy/procedure to rule them all. Some people get second chances, some get none, and some get nigh infinite.

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I’m a fervent believer in second (third, fourth, etc) when I’m the recipient. Second chances for others? Meh.

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The notion of redemption is all over Western Civilization. It has objective and Biblical origins. I think what that means is a second chance is a reasonable concession.
This implies a couple of things. One is that redemption is earned by the action of the original transgressor. And another means second, as in the number 2. That is about it as far as our traditions and me are going to go. Second…two. Not three, four etc.

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There are areas I don’t give second chances: Messing with my kids, spousal unfaithfulness.

I guess in one way they get a second chance to be an aquaintance or friend, but not a second chance at a romantic relationship. The mistake isn’t the problem it is the person that would give in to the mistake that is a problem.

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