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How do you feel about the Bush and Obama Administrations having "secret interpretations" of the Patriot Act?

Asked by rojo (24179points) March 20th, 2012

Do you see a reason or a need for “secret interpretations” of any law? What does it mean that both a Republican and a Democratic President are able and willing to do this?
Is this a way to keep Congress and the Supreme Court out of the loop?
Just wanted to see what others thought about this topic.

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Do you have some background info on this?

I don’t like secret interpretations, but I guess administrations use them to operate the secret portions of government. I think it’s a mistake, politically, though. It got Bush, and if it’s true about Obama, it could easily bit his ass, too.

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The Patriot Act is the most undemocratic group of laws ever passed. Of course anything associated with the Bush administration is likely corrupt. I am deeply disappointed with the Obama and the congress for renewing those ridiculous laws.

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I understand why they want the Patriot act, but I don’t like it. In the right hands it could be an incredibly helpful set of tools for our government and law enforcement. In the wrong hands (or even the accidentally ignorant hands)... it could be incredibly evil.

Besides, it’s not like the CIA wasn’t already doing this crap.

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Where is your evidence for “secret interpretations”?

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me thinks @rojo is looking for a “lively discussion”

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The point in having a law is to make things clear and avoid ‘secret interpretations’. Any interpreting should be done by the courts.

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@wundayatta , @marinelife Information about it can be found on the internet. I am sorry, being a semi-luddite I have not figured out how to link (I will look into it). It has come up again last week with two dem congressmen objecting.
@wundayatta I understand about government secrets but secret interpretations of laws?!?! I have to agree with @flutherother about the role of the courts.

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It’s one of the many ways how I see that the Obama administration and Bush administration as being indistinguishable.

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The Patriot Act is unnecessary, unwarranted and undemocratic. ‘Nuff said.

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Judges (who should know better) have secret interpretations of the Constitution of the US. What do you expect from crappy little politicians.

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