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How to avoid the use of ‘because’?

Asked by proofreadmyessay (10points) March 21st, 2012

There are several other words available which we can use instead of because, but how to use those keyword in writing and speaking.

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”...the explanation for this is….”
”...the reason I say this is….”
”...due to this…”

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@noraasnave Good start!
I’ll add:
”...consequently…” (or subsequently)
” a result of that…”

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Why would you want to? Because is a really useful and important key word. Can you give us more information?

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I would guess it would unacceptable if it were a pet word, then I could easily evision a teacher or professor requesting research on an alternate choice of words.

This would seem small compared with the young Marines that I know that could subsist on the phrase “I know right?!” and nothing else for days at a time.

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There are often very simple alternatives.

Using “So”:
“We marry because that way we can provide for children.”
“We marry SO we can provide for children.”

No Conjunction necessary:
“I am anxious because tomorrow I’m getting a new head.”
“I am anxious. Tomorrow I am getting a new head.”

Reorder clauses:
“We divided the children in half because we wanted to see if they were good people on the inside.”
“To see if they were good people on the inside, we divided the children in half.”

Using “Since”:
“I am hungry all the time because I am a zombie.”
“I am hungry all the time since I am a zombie.”

Using “Therefore”:
“I do not believe in zombies because I don’t see how they can exist.”
“I don’t see how zombies can exist, therefore I do not believe in them.”

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@6rant6 I agree with all but one. I frequently see, and seldom use the word therefore on a research paper or college discussion board post, but haven’t seen it used in the spoken language since I was a teen and went to a Independent Baptist Church…and even then they were reading the King James version of the Bible!

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I agree that “therefore” is seldom used in spoken English. However OP asked for help in writing and speaking. Therefore I provided that alternative.

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Switch the phrases:

A because B
B and therefore A

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@6rant6 I apologize that you didn’t realize that I was ‘giving you a hard time’. I hope there is latitude in fluther for doing that on occasion.

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@noraasnave You made a good point, therefore no umbrage taken.

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