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Is the town in Maine OR-ono or or-RO-no?

Asked by Jeruba (50452points) March 22nd, 2012

Which syllable gets the accent?

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We pronounce it, aura-no.

Hopefully this link works. She says Orono 5 seconds in.

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Tested link. Worked in one browser, not the other, so try this one.

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That’s what I thought, but I didn’t find it in the dictionary or online. Nothing to back me up when my husband said it the other way. Thanks.

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@Jeruba: Tell Mr. J that we think you are always right.

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Thanks, darlin’, but that would not be good for my marriage. Besides, alas, it ain’t so. He’s been right at least twice already this year.

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It’s OR-ono. My friend sells real estate there! When I heard her talk about it, I was like, what the hell is she saying? It’s a weird name. I love Maine.

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@deni: Any weirder than Lake Winnipesaukee, Tumtum, Okeefenokee, Bryn Mawr, Stuyvestant, Koochiching, Intercourse, or Yoknapatawpha?

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