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Pot Smokers: Do you smoke at regular times?

Asked by filmfann (44448points) March 22nd, 2012

This morning I am driving to work at 6:30am, and the driver in the car in front of me flicks out and tosses a lit joint. That seems pretty early to me.
I know most cigarette smokers habitually smoke at certain times (on the toilet, after dinner, after sex…).
Most alcohol drinkers I know don’t drink before noon.
Does getting a buzz on in the early morning seem odd?
When do you usually spark up?

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Not a weed smoker, but I did do it for a while in my teens. It was pretty random though, although usually in the evening or night. That’s just how it ended up, nothing was really planned beyond after obtaining it. Usually with friends.

I stayed with this girl for a while though, and her boyfriend was a huge pot smoker. I mean he’d always smoke it. After dinner, while playing D&D, while watching movies…But I specifically remember. They gave me a little room to sleep in, and I’d hear him get up for work near six am or so, and immediately start smoking up. Wake and bake they call it lol. Sept this guy smoked so much, he said that for him, the effect wasn’t the same as it is for people who use pot for recreation. My dad also smoked a lot of pot, and it was the same for him. He no longer got ’‘stoned’’, it just relaxed him and all the pain in his body. He’d usually smoke up with his buddies while playing chess, while listening to music and all. In the evening and night, too. Maybe that’s where I got it from, although for me it was to trip out, not relax. Lol.

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I don’t smoke pot but I have known people who actually rolled there own ciggarettes and tobacco. It doesn’t always mean it is pot.
I would think its like smoking a ciggarette. Once your addicted you would smoke it any time. Alchohlics have been know to start their glass of OJ with a shot of vodka for breakfast or to start their day with a six pack of beer.

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I’m just an occasional smoker, but there would be no point for me to smoke in the a.m. I know people who do nothing but smoke all day every day. The early morning J is called a wake and bake. Kinda stupid, IMO.
I will hit one if its being passed, or on the very few and far between occasions that I actually have some, I just take a couple hits in the evening.
Being well aware of my own shortcomings, I certainly don’t care to add to them by attempting to function in public while under that influence.

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I didn’t smoke but I had a roommate in my early 20’s that got out of bed with a joint in her hand.

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Basically the only times I smoke are late at night when I’m alone and in the mood for a movie. I get too paranoid and introverted to be high out in public during the day. I find that if I would have done something, anything… be it going to the store, bar, or my parents house during the day, I will opt out of it because I’m high and feel awkward being baked in such settings. Since I don’t like sitting inside all day, I don’t smoke during the day. I will occasionally smoke if I’m out golfing with a good friend or something though.

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What’s “regular” ?
A couple decades ago I smoked all the time, including the rise and shine.
Helped me study some subject but not at all others. Helped me decide to drop out of college when I would not have had the guts to do it otherwise.
When I went back to college I didn’t smoke at all. Since then sometimes, especially if a pal lights one up at a party.

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I don’t, but I know a few who partake regularly at 4:20. Normally, that’s just in the afternoon, but the morning will often happens on weekends, when everyone has weird hours and won’t be sleeping a straight 8 hours anyway. Plus, then, if you have a special friend, you get up, smoke a bowl, and then have early morning bedtimes with your special friend.

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I love getting high in the morning. I don’t have a regular job though so I don’t usually start work til 11 or 12….if I wake up at 8 or 9, and am having breakfast with a friend or just sitting at my house listening to music or watching a tv show and eating a grapefruit, sparking up a j is just perfect. I smoke before work most days, but only because it doesn’t matter and I don’t care about my job. I still do well, and I’m friendlier and less bothered by the things that bother me normally there, so it’s a win win for everyone. I don’t wanna sound like a total pot head here, but I won’t smoke in the morning if I have a weed that I know is an indica. It will make me droopy and super tired 2 hours later at work, and there is nothing worse than that. So sativas it is, and if I can’t get them, I only smoke them at night. But it’s rare. It’s so easy here to pick and choose exactly what you want. Ok bye

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I spoke pot on a semi-regular basis to manage pain, in conjunction with prescribed meds. I tend to smoke it no more than once a week, and not on days when I’m working, and it would normally be in the morning, a couple of hours after getting up.

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I smoke rarely, prefer my happy brownie recipe, and completely disagree with driving or doing ANYTHING other than kicking around the house while under the influence.
I imbibe 3–4 times a year, for a few days or a week at a time, I call it my ” mini-vacation.” lol
I stock up on groceries, turn off the phones, close my ranch gate and spend hours just wandering around my 5 acres with the critters, my camera and then a nice soak in the hot tub.

I also rearrange my house and have a blast just finding creative things to do.
This is what I like best about how marijuana works with my brain chemistry, it doesn;t make me tired and lethargic, it unleases a fury of creative joy and I tackle projects with enthusiasm and great creativity.

Last year I painted my living room walls a metallic bronze during a happy brownie weekend…they look great! lol

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That is some fine skill to prepare your space and channel the herb’s sweet curiousity and awareness !

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Many people can function and do normal things at regular times after smoking a little pot. It’s nothing like drinking a couple shots of vodka, and contrary to popular belief, smoking pot does not make all pot smokers stupid and lazy.

I don’t make it a habit of smoking at ‘regular’ times, but I have, and no one was injured.

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“Smoking pot does not make all pot smokers stupid and lazy.’
Quite so. The stupid and lazy ruin it for others when they stand out as drunks as well as when they’re high, and get noticed as part of each drug’s sterereotype too.

We don’t notice the brilliant people who smoke pot as much for that activity.
We watch their movies and read their books and buy their albums.

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@dabbler I agree 100%. Not to sound arrogant but…I have always said that it’s the dull blades that are stereotyped, the ones that can’t afford to lose one tiny bit of what minimal slicing ability they already do not have. haha
I’m an extremely fast brained, bright, creative type, and while over doing anything is not good, I could probably get away with a lot more than many when it comes to my high potency gray matter. Butter knife vs. Ginsu knife. Ginsu has the “edge.” lol

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I’m a creative type who smokes for pain management now.

I used to smoke just a hit in the morning to help me wake up from the meds. I like to keep my mind when I’m on the job.

I may smoke a bowl; or 2 at nite to help me do chores and relax.

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Mostly in the evenings if at all… it helps me sleep and unwind from stressful days. Like a glass of wine does, it just happens the combination is perfect for me.

Sometimes on my days off I’ll partake in the earlier day, but only if there’s a beach trip planned or shopping or something else fun and frivolous. It doesn’t make me stupid but I prefer to be straight headed most days.

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Well, had a marvelous Happy Brownie weekend over here for the first time in a few months.
Fun, fun fun!
Starting Friday evening, stayed up til 1am cleaning and sorting and collecting stuff for a yard sale I’m having next weekend. Saturday I did more of the same and rearranged my living room, looks great!

Yesterday drained and cleaned my hot tub, pruned a bunch of plants in my yard, finished the last room in the house to gather more incidentals for my yard sale. Made the BEST midnight dinner Sat. a mexican veggie burrito feast before my Happy Brownie creative tornado simmered down for the night. lol

Man, nothing like the Happy Brownies to launch my rocket, the micro farm has never been tidier! ;-) The green tornado breezes through. haha

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@Coloma My favorite way to clean my house is to smoke a bowl, put on some music, usually this is around midnight, and just GO TO TOWN. It is so pleasant!

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