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Why would you buy a dog, walk your dog and not pick up after your dog?

Asked by Bri_L (12191points) May 25th, 2008

I don’t get it.

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people are lazy and grossed out by fecal. But, everyone loves a puppy.

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Fpr the same reason that you would drive a car, stop at a drive in, and then throw the litter out the window. One is no different than the other. People are careless and indifferent to the planet and to the well-being of other people.

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Because 5h!t smells

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Some people want to do only the good and fun things in life and take no responsibility for the bad things. I have a neighbor who walks her pomeranian dog every morning at the same time. She stops at the corner of my driveway and lets it take a poo in my front yard. It drives me insane. I am a responsible dog owner. Not only do I make sure to clean up any mess he might leave for others, I also take pride in cleaning up after him in my own yard. It infuriates me to no end.

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It is obnoxious! It just goes to show you what kind of individual they are… In most areas it is a fineable offense. Good luck finding a cop handy to write a ticket. LOL! I hate the excuse oooops I forgot a bag. Guess what the have little baggie dispensers you can attach to your leash. Not to mention that a lot of trails now have poopy bag stations.

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Correction on my type above. That was supposed to be “For.”

@mzgator I would confront that neighbor.

@Adina1968 In the hope that people just forgot (but knowing probably not) I carry extra bags with me when I walk and offer them. I have seen people watch their dog poop in the off-leash park and turn and walk away when you can’t get in the gate without having a bag dispenser at eye level.

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i would be to lazy..

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I think it comes down to one of those, “if anyone is looking” things. It’s amazing what people will do when they think they can get away with it.

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Wait, a lady just relieved her dog on my yard…

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I am very close to putting a sign up saying “here you go. My 3 year old didn’t buy your dog or promise to take care of it but she did pick up the poop you left, unfortunately with her bare hands. Please take it now as I am sure it was just an accident and not a sign your an unconcerned owner”

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@mzgator – I feel for you. I swear if I ever find the people doing it I will collect and re-distribute the matter to their lawn. When I was younger my dad got sick of our neighbors dog doing it so he gathered it all in a shovel and threw it up onto their roof.
For a while I wanted to take my kids diaper and empty it on the offenders lawn but I didn’t know who’s it was.

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I hate that! It’s just plain laziness!!!

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I, personally think it is rude, self-absorb individuals who don’t care enough to attempt to coexists with their fellow neighbord. I have been tempted to go and poop on my neighbors lawn that doesn’t clean up after their dog.

I think the thing that kills me the most is the pile if poop right in front of the doggie pot. And, I’m the sucker that will clean it up because it irritates me so much. So, it’s a self-absorb ass that knows there is a sucker who will do it for them.

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@ LunaFemme – I have thought about that same thing.

There was an SNL skit with Will Ferrell where he is doing a commercial as an attorney who gets even with dogs and it shows a guy doing just that. I laughed so hard.

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that’s why I don’t have a puppy!! I have other gadgets instead though that don’t poop

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but don’t you look silly walking them?

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Because poop is biodegradable! So as long as it is not in a place of mass people trafic, it will break down into fertilizer…

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@Jessibug – fine if you walk your dog in a field.

If you walk your dog and it poops on someone’s yard, mine for instance, then that is no excuse. I don’t want to step in it, mow over it, smell it, have it draw flies or have my little kids running around it.

So even though it’s “biodegradable!” it’s still your responsibility to pick up after your dog.

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