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Will you give me a recipe suggestion?

Asked by Hain_roo (1696points) March 24th, 2012

I’d like to cook something tasty for dinner, but am feeling totally uninspired on this dark afternoon. Maybe something ethnic or…what have you? ~Thanks!

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What’s in the larder?

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One of my favs. delicious and easy, a bit pricey but worth it.

Get a ½ lb. of giant shrimp or prawns, remove the tail shells and sautee them in garlic butter with parsely and serve over an angel hair pasta tossed with butter and parmesian cheese and baked asparagus. OMG..sooo good!

Or, go out to the store and whip up a batch of chili or spaghetti sauce with cornbread or garlic bread. Good gloomy day meals.

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@gailcalled I’ve got a grocery store 2 minutes away, so the sky’s the limit! (but not too expensive to construct.) I have a pantry full of herbs and spices.

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Grilled wild salmon steaks with some fresh dill, brown rice and fresh asparagus.

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Oooh, if you’re not a vegan I make the most killer pepper steak sandwiches. Buy thin sliced round steak, use seasoned meat tenderizer and cook with sliced yellow onions and red, yellow and green pepper strips ( or only one type, I like them all!)

Drain off the excess juices, grill a little more and then melt provelone cheese onto the meat and veggies and serve on soft, sweet, french rolls with mayo and avacado. OMG! I am so hungry now!

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Here’s what I just cooked, in the pan and served. This was plenty for two people.

Put about 4 tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil in a wok and heat, not so that it’s crazy hot though, add to that 1 teaspoon of medium curry powder, once its all bubbled and fizzed nicely add half a chopped onion and some grated ginger, a piece about inch and a half should do. Next add some cubed quorn or whatever vegetarian meat substitute you prefer with a chopped clove of garlic and another teaspoon of curry powder. Stir for 3 minutes. Add 1 tin of chopped tomatoes and then some vegetable stock. I use 1 cube in the empty tin of tomatoes and fill half up with boiling water, add one last teaspoon of curry powder, plenty of finely chopped coriander leaves, a good sprinkling of course ground black pepper and a couple of bay leaves. Simmer for 5–10 minutes until reduced down, while simmering sprinkle some naan breads with water wrap in tinfoil and stick in the oven on 200C. Serve in a bowl with another sprinkling of finely chopped coriander leaves on top with the Naan to the side and enjoy.

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@gailcalled Salmon 2 days ago.
@Coloma I was just thinking of almost the same thing. With capers it’s heaven. Mmm, Spaghetti and meatballs sounds good…Frito Chili Pie….
Everything sounds great, I’m hungry!! (no lunch)

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@Coloma that sounds really good, except the parmesan, tastes like feet.

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@Hain_roo Oooh, yes, you could do the shrimp with a fetticinne (sp?) OMG!
I have been dieting and have lost the Xmas glut of 10. 8 lbs. in the last 6 weeks but I am PARTYING this weekend, food, beer, dessert…bring it on! lol

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If you have an electric skillet or hotplate this is fun and easy:

0. Boil rice
1. The recipe requires a broth, veggies and (optionally) meat. Also, some sauces.
2. Cut up the veggies and meat into small pieces like you’d use in a stir-fry. The size should make it easy to pick up with chopsticks.
3. Arrange the food, raw, on either one large plate or several smaller ones.
4. Using an electric skillet or a pan on a hotplate, get the broth to a rolling boil. The less the boiling, better.
5. Put up sauces like Soy Sauce, Duck Sauce, or any others that strike your fancy. If you have enough tiny bowls, give each person a set of bowls of their own.
6. Put the rice into individual soup bowls and call everyone to dinner.

Each person can put whichever ingredients they wish into the broth. Within a very few minutes their food will be cooked. They fish it out of the broth and put it into their rice bowl. They then add whatever sauce they wish.

As soon as the food is finished, your broth will taste amazing. Pour broth into the bowls and drink.

I know it sounds fussy here, but it can be done incredibly fast.

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@ro_in_motion Sounds great, except the duck sauce. I couldn’t have my goose in for dinner if I served duck sauce. He’ll go for the plain rice. ;-P

Hey, reminds me of the pans of friend duck heads at the night markets in asia, it was torture, I was so hungry and my choices were fried duck heads, squid on a stick and some highly questionable looking yellow sausages, or, final choice, steamed turtle! Thank God for Taiwanese beer. lol

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On the dessert side, these brownies and these cookies always get great reviews when I make them. For the brownies, use 3 cups of powdered sugar for the middle instead of 4 (I thought 4 made it too sweet).

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Did someone say brownies? I have a very special brownie recipe. ;-)

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@RareDenver, please give it a name.

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@Jeruba cant think of one (except curry), why don’y you guys give it a name?

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Why don’t we call it “Denver curry stir” :-p

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@RareDenver How do you know parmesan tastes like feet?

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@chyna good point. I should really say it tastes like feet smell

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@RareDenver Sniffing feet, tasting feet…it’s all the same. Kinda weird.

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@chyna and feet are my least favourite part of people. they are just weird

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Kitchen sink bolognese-

Fry up a few strips of bacon in your biggest saucepan and set them to the side. Keep the bacon fat to cook the veggies, which should all be chopped into roughly ¼ inch pieces. In a second pan, brown a pound or so of ground beef or sausage. In the bacon fat pan, add a cup or so of baby carrots and stir them around on medium-high for five minutes or so. Next, add a whole chopped onion, soften it up a bit, add a bunch of mushrooms and do the same, then a whole green pepper. Add a generous pour of red wine and a can of diced tomatoes and reduce the heat. Stir in the beef and a can of pasta sauce. Make some pasta.

This creates a huge meal that will feed you for about a week.

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I’m with the foot thing, who the hell has a foot fetish..gak!
Ears aren’t too attractive either but I’d rather someone put their tongue in my ear rather than on my foot. haha

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@RareDenver @chyna Doesn’t most of our sense of taste actually come from smell? Like, the only tastes we get from our tongue are sour, sweet, salty, bitter, and umami, and everything else is smell… so if you have a cold, nothing tastes right. I agree that Parmesan is pretty funky.

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Linguine with bacon, green beans, and onions in a sauce of butter, white wine, garlic, and lemon juice.

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Just make grilled ham and white cheddar cheese sandwich on sour dough and a salad. That’s just hard to beat!

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I’ve been out for a few days so I missed this Q until now.

I woud go for something Asian. I might start with this Tofu Salad

And for the entree here’s a very different kind of recipe called Noodles with Sweet Potato and Almond Butter Sauce that sounds delightful.

Or for a different Asian combo, I might start with this Hot and Sour Soup or this Thai Tom Kha Soup

And for the entree I would go for Pad Thai or my favorite Thai noodle dish Pad See Ew

And for a third option, you could start with Egg Drop Soup (you can substitute chicken broth if you like)

And for the entree, Tofu and Broccoli in Garlic Sauce

And for dessert how about coconut, mango or green tea ice cream?

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One of my great weaknesses is a huge baked potato with this amazing cucumber ranch dressing I get at a local store that you can’t find anywhere else. OMG! Heaven!
Or baked potato with sour cream and salsa too!

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@Kardamom It all sounds Great!
——I can’t wait to try the Noodles with Sweet Potato and Almond Butter Sauce, YUM!.

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I’m a big fan of baking chicken and putting barbecue sauce on it, but adding some spices to the barbecue sauce so it’s extra spicy (allspice, cardamom, cumin, red curry are some suggestions, and hot sauce if you like it hotter).

We had a great carrot cake from Martha Stewart once. It had fresh ginger in it. I understand it was a lot of work to make but it was excellent.

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Oh, yum! What a great idea for BBQ sauce!

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If you’re a meat eater I just made the BEST grilled ham and cheese and avocado sandwiches recently for a little party get together.

Bought Bavarian ham and grilled it with Provolone cheese melted on it and served with sliced avocados on sweet french rolls.

Served with a cucumber, tomato and olive marinated salad and home made potato salad and deviled eggs. Oh my!

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Sounds Great.

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@Hain_roo: if you look at spicy barbecue sauce, it’s higher in sodium than “regular” barbecue sauce. If you take regular barbecue sauce and add your own spices, it’s not any higher in sodium, just flavor.

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Brilliant, I just bought some chicken to experiment on :))) Thank you!

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@jca I added onion & garlic powder, cayenne, soy sauce and Garam Masala.
Shook a little onion powder and garlic salt on chicken thighs in a baking dish, stuck into a preheated 350 oven for an hour. Dumped the fat off, brushed with the modified BBQ sauce, popped it back in for 20 min. SO tender and yummy-yum.

BBQ sauce is not something I use in every day cooking, the one in my fridge had expired 2 years ago. Now I look at it as a vehicle for my spice mixes, YAY and thanks again :)

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@Hain_roo: Yes, exactly – a vehicle. It’s like a base you can add to. I actually got that idea from Rachel Ray. I am not a Rachel Ray fan, but that’s one suggestion she gave that I use and love. She suggested curry, and I’m not a curry fan either, but as per her advice, when you put it in the barbecue sauce, it doesn’t taste like curry, it just adds heat. So I usually put curry and allspice and maybe some hot sauce (I like this really hot one called Guayateco, very hot and thick so you don’t need more than a few drops). Good luck and post some more barbecue sauce success stories!

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@jca Thanks! I’ll have to look for your hot sauce, currently I rely on Sriracha and Pickapeppa.

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