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Which Kindle would you recommend?

Asked by Hawaii_Jake (30552points) March 24th, 2012

I’m seriously thinking of getting a Kindle e-reader. I will more than likely get the least expensive model simply because I work at home and have access to my PC all the time.

My basic question is whether to get the one Amazon sells “with special offers” or the one “without special offers.” I’m not to sure about the difference between these two. Does the “one with special offers” display advertisements when I’m reading? I would not want that, but I doubt I would mind if it displayed advertisements when I wasn’t reading.

I’m open to considering the more expensive models, too.

What has your experience been with your Kindle? What model do you have?

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I got my wife the kindle touch for Christmas and she loves it. It is much easier to navigate through things than using the joystick version. Typing on the screen works fine.

A drawback is that there are fewer apps for the touch.

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Personally, I went with the Nook Color. It was cheaper than comparable units (mostly due to the introduction of the Nook Tablet), and it was easy to turn into a full-fledged Android tablet using Cyanogenmod7. That gives me full access to the Android Market, including both the Kindle and Nook apps, along with my favorite PDF reading app, ezPDF. Not bad for $150 :)

Note that the main reason I got a tablet at all was to read electronic versions of RPG rulebooks; they are 8–½×11”, so you need a fairly good screen, and they are often in color, making them impossible to view on a non-color screen.

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I have and like the Kindle Touch. Easy to use, pretty perfect if all you want to do with it is read.

As far as the special offers go, they only show up on the home screen and on screensavers. I’ve found them to be pretty unintrusive (they’re never in the books), and IMO, it’s not worth spending another $30 for the one without. Plus, if you do decide you don’t like them you can always pay $30 to have them removed without buying a new Kindle.

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I have one of the older ones and it isn’t a touch. Now since I have an iPhone, I keep forgetting and poke at the screen and wonder why nothing happens! I would like to have a touch. No ads of any kind on mine. My only complaint has nothing to do with the Kindle itself but I can’t get so many of the titles I want because I am in Australia and there are always copyright problems. Takes forever for books to become available! They really are great though and the battery lasts forever! I haven’t figured out how to read KOBO books on mine yet though, I wish I could!

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My dad and my little sis have the amazon kindle, 3G. And they both love it. Their batteries last up to 3 months. Even though it isn’t color, you can still go online. The kindle fire is in color, and everything. But. My friends have that and it dies very quickly, (my friend’s died in 3 hours) also it’s all touch screen and the screen can be unresponsive, which get’s pretty annoying. The kindle has a loaning library which is free, and helpful. I would get the regular kindle. And, I begged my parents for a Kindle Fire for Christmas. I’m really glad I didn’t get it. Hope this helps!

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There is a free program called Calibre that can convert just about anything.

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@coastiegirl96 Hmmm… My Nook Color lasts far longer than that (a couple of days) when I am only reading and have the wifi turned off, and even when I am gaming or surfing, I can usually get 5 hours easily even under intense use.
Also, the touch screen is quite responsive. There are cheaper units that use “resistive” touchscreens that you almost have to break the screen for it to register a touch, but a “capacitve” screen like the Nook Color or most smartphones will register a light touch like mine with ease.

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@jerv I don’t know anything about the Nook, my dad won’t let me have apple nor Nook, so I’m of no use on that subject. It sounds good though!

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@Julian17 – thanks I will see if that works. I like KOBO, usually books are less expensive than Amazon but I have to read them on the phone or the laptop cuz they won’t work on Kindle!

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@rooeytoo That is why I like my rooted Nook; not only can I get the B&N stuff, I can also get the Amazon stuff, and there is an app for Kobo as well.

@coastiegirl96 I hope he doesn’t have a car either, since that would make him a hypocrite; those are all name-brand :D

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I have been going round and round, Kobo books are drm protected so I can’t convert to PDF to read on the Kindle. @jerv, you’re the genius here, can it be done???? Must I buy a drm removal app?

Sorry @Hawaii_Jake for taking your question off track, but if you do buy a Kindle, this will be of interest to you as well!

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@rooeytoo : This does not take the question off track. What are Kobo books?

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I ordered the basic Kindle. As mentioned in the details, I have no reason for any bells and whistles. It will strictly be for reading.

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@rooeytoo Let me think on that.—It’s after midnight here…—-

@Hawaii_Jake I think the color screen (to read the books I have) and the ability to read from pretty much any source (Amazon, Barnes&Noble, Kobo, PDF, DOC, TXT…) were enough reason to justify my choice, but to each their own.

rooeytoo's avatar is another source for ebooks. Their prices are often less than Amazon. You can download a free kobo reader app for your laptop or smart phone but I can’t figure out how to read their books on my kindle because they are drm protected. I don’t want to do anything I consider illegal with the ones I purchase, just want to be able to read them on another device! Hopefully @jerv will come up with an answer. In the meantime check out the Kobo westie, see what you think.

@jerv, thanks mate, I am sure there is a way, I am just not smart enough to figure it out! But I am betting you can :-)

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@jerv – first you have to buy a drm moving application. I did that for 30 bucks, then Calibre seems to work great except when it converts to pdf only the last line of text on each page shows up. I reported a bug and this is the response I received: “Unfortunately, the library calibre uses to generate PDF on OSX is broken. Until
that library is fixed, calibre is unable to output PDF correctly on OS X.

status wontfix”

My husband has windows on his mac, maybe he can get it done there.

Seems as if we are on the right track, but not quite there yet!

Thank you @jerv for your help

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For anyone who might be interested, I just got my new Kindle 3 hours ago, and I already have 42 free books on it. I love it. I can sit at my computer and shop on Amazon very quickly and with one click get a book delivered right to my Kindle.

I was reading books with only 2 or 3 easy steps right out of the box.

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