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What are the different Kindle versions available?

Asked by saservp (291points) September 25th, 2010

I hope I don’t get shot down for asking a question I should be able to google the answer for, but for some reason I’m having trouble navigating the amazon website. Can someone tell me what different versions are available of the Kindle?

As I understand it there is:
Kindle Version 1 (i.e. the slightly slightly older model)
The new Kindle (with no special name)
And the Kindle DX (just has a bigger screen?)

Can someone help me out? :-P

I’m keen to get my hands on one of these, and I’m not convinced I should need to buy a new one I think the old version would be fine. I’ve never had an e-reader before, so any kindle owners who can pitch in their 2 cents that’d be great :)

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There’s Kindle 1, Kindle 2, and the new one is Kindle 3, available as WiFi or WiFi and 3G. There’s also Kindle DX.

We’ve discussed this many times – find out what we said here:

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I’ve owned the Kindle 2 and now currently have the Kindle 3 with Wi-Fi and 3g coverage. If you’ve never owned a Kindle and are thinking of purchasing one and you don’t need the huge screen of a Kindle DX model, I would highly, highly recommend the Kindle 3 because it is by far and large, the very best model that has been produced to date. It is an excellent e-book reader in many ways.

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I have a new Kindle 3—or rather, had it till yesterday. After several days of use, it suddenly refused to turn on or charge, so I shipped it back to Amazon via UPS at no cost to me and will be receiving a new one on Tuesday. The lemon unit I returned doesn’t deter me from saying Kindle is the best e-reader I’ve played with. And I’m soooo impressed with Amazon’s return policy and customer service.

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