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If you could invite anyone to your wedding, who would you choose?

Asked by Bellatrix (21249points) March 24th, 2012

Inspired by this news story about Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip – taking wedding crashing to a whole new level.

So who would you invite to your wedding if you could choose anyone? Feel free to choose funny, unusual or just plain weird guests if you like.

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Is it wrong to say every woman who ever turned me down for a date who is currently not married or in a stable relationship?

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The entire cast of Xena Warrior Princess. Ares would be with us in spirit. :)

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No @Imadethisupwithnoforethought. I think that would be funny. Although, I know guys I dated and/or turned down and I would probably feel sorry for their wives to be so it might backfire and they would talk to your wife before you sealed the deal.

Xena and the cast would be cool @Symbeline.

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I posted the deleted quip in the wrong thread. ;-p

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Also, I meant Aries, not Ares. i suck lol

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No you don’t. I will come to wedding, I am an Aries!

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I just looked it up, and I was right the first time. And I’m not even drunk. Jesus lol. But yeah, both Arises rock. :D

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:-) Hey Brian, I think Darth Vadar would be a cool guest. He needs to get his emphysema under control though.

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I think Aries is the zoological ram and Ares was (I guess his replacement is Mars) the God of War in ancient Grease.

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Well, I wouldn’t want to see Vadar go Zimmerman on my guests who will be wearing their hoodie-style tuxedos, so that’s another reason not to invite him.

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:-) Another good point Brian.

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I would invite the guy who I was madly in love with who dumped me. I’d love for him to see how he did me a favor since I was then able to find my current husband .. who is many times better than he was!!

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I’m gonna go with Fran Drescher. She recently served as an officiant at a gay wedding in New York City, to celebrate the fact that gays can now be married in NY State and she’s a strong proponent for gay rights. I suppose she can officiate at straight weddings too so that would be pretty cool.

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Daffy Duck.

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