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What do I wear to a wedding that's in Chicago during November?

Asked by Carly (4555points) March 24th, 2012

I believe the wedding is inside, but I’ve only been to weddings in spring or summer, and I’ve only been to Chicago during the warm months of the year. Right now I’m not sure what I should wear that will be warm and appropriate to a wedding.

Any ideas/links for suggestions?
I don’t own too many dresses, so I’ll probably be buying something for this occasion.

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Is the wedding in a church or where is it being held?

What about a lovely dress but with a matching coat? I don’t mean it is a set. Just a beautiful, formal coat that suits the style of the dress. Something you can use later?

Or even a tailored but feminine suit?

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The temps will probably be in the 30’s or 40’s .. sometimes warmer, if this winter repeats itself next year.

I would go to and make up an “alert” for Chicago for November 2012… then you’ll know ahead of time what you might expect.

But generally, I would consider something fall-like .. or just ask the people having the wedding to suggest something.

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Whatever is appropriate for the occasion (day? night? formal or not?), with a nice, warm ‘dress’ coat over it.

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Whatever’s fashionable. Think Duchess Kate style or First Lady style, or Project Runway style. Really whatever your social set thinks is fashionable. Having a nice dress coat, made from wool, for all winter occasions is always a good investment. Most people will choose black wool, but you may find color options that suit you. A shawl or shrug or some top that coordinates with your dress will help inside, if you tend to feel cold and choose a dress that is sleeveless.

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Something long-sleeved and dressy like this or this.

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Everyone’s got excellent suggestions, but I’d like to add… If it’s closer to the lake, it will be colder. If it’s by the lake, it will be windy, misty and can get bone-chillingly cold, depending on the overall temperature. Check to see if the wedding’s near the lake and if it is, I would take the temperatures and take 5 to 10 degrees off to get a better estimate of the outside temperature in that area.

Also, Chicagoans tend to dress on the dark side of the spectrum- that is, lime green and fuchsia wouldn’t work.

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A silk crepe suit of navy, plum, dark green or similar tones with a pretty light blouse (on the frothy side) beneath and your warm winter coat. You will be inside most of the time and can doff your gloves, hat, scarf and ski mask.

I would check out the Eileen Fisher line…Her clothes are moderately expensive but age well. Now is not the right time to be buying winter dress clothes, however.

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Now is not the right time to be buying winter dress clothes, however.

Actually, this is a great time to hit the sale racks for fall/winter dresses and outer wear.

@Carly You will need a nice dress coat if you don’t already own one. It tends to be extremely windy in the Windy City in November. Like @linguaphile said, it may be misty, damp and depending on the week of November, it could be quite blustery with even a light snow. Besides lake effect rain we do get lake effect snow

I’d suggest nice gloves and a scarf to top off your emsemble.

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Dress in long sleeves and take a nice, preferably long sweater that will go with whatever you’re wearing in case you need it.

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No matter what dresses or other clothes you decide to wear, be sure to pack an overcoat, gloves, and an umbrella. The weather there is unpredictable in the winter.

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