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Summer is (finally) over; what are the first days of Fall like where you live?

Asked by zen_ (6281points) September 4th, 2010

Seasons change; from Summer to Fall.

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We’re in a heat wave here in Phoenix, Arizona. Nice Fall temperatures of 110 degrees yesterday and 107 degrees today.

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Jesus! Unbelievable! A perfect fall day—incredibly blue skies, a brisk wind, very low humidity… the kind of day that makes you totally glad you were born. It’s such a relief, too, after this long, humid, incredibly hot summer. The only thing is that it’s been dry for the last month, and leaves are falling already, only instead of turning colors, they are drying up and falling off. The sycamores look particularly threadbare.

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We don’t experience true “fall” weather in Southern California. It was boiling hot today. It will likely be boiling hot tomorrow. It is making me grouchy.

@Bluefreedom I was friends with a guy from Tucson and he would get mad at me when I would whine about the weather here, haha. “99 degrees?! Are you kidding me? It was 110 here today!”

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It’s still hot as balls where I am, but it’s getting cooler.

Today was actually really nice. I love Autumn it’s my favorite season but I really fucking hate Winter, so I hope Fall sticks around for a while.

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Our leaves haven’t turned yet but it’s getting dark earlier- 9 pm- and we’re having much cooler nights- down to +1. Today was 25 above but had that hint of cool in the breeze. Always makes me kind of sad.

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Really, very interesting, and yes @zen_ and @wundayatta, just unbelievable! Today is the first day where I have “felt fall in the air.” I was actually going to ask a question tonight about it; I was trying to figure out how to word it just right, about if there is a word for it, that feeling, or if there is some scientific explanation for what exactly causes you to “feel fall in the air” or to ” feel spring in the air.” What is it? It’s not just that the breeze is a little cooler, but there seems to some special quality to the breeze, or “something” that is just in the air. What is that?

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Ugh, sothern cali. i was 103 degrees today.

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It cooled down very fast here. Today and yesterday were both in the mid 60’s and windy.

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Fall doesn’t begin until later, pal. Summer is still well and alive for me. :)

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I’m in North Carolina and we’re calling upper 80s and low 90s comfortable. Autumn won’t arrive until it’s good and ready. That’s usually well after we’re ready for it. Around October maybe.

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crisp…first day under 80 in over 100 days. fresh air.

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It has cooled down quite a bit these past few days. Instead of being in the 90s, it was down in the lower 80s and even upper 70s at one point today. We’ve had a lovely breeze going as well. The leaves are starting to change color! It looks so nice outside and it’s finally nice enough to enjoy being outside.

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You had to ask that question today. Rain with High winds, more rain and more high winds. Temp. at 12 degrees C. Needless to say I will be closing the pool this week, unless anyone what’s to come for a Polar Dip !
Having said that, Ontario has some of the most amazing colours in the fall, and we enjoy those as well.

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It’s been pretty damn chilly, actually. In the 50’s (sometimes 40’s) with lots of rain.

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September always has clear blue skies, warm temps, and low humidity in NY.
Sadly a reason that the hijackers picked it as the month to attack the WTC.

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September is nice here. At night and during the early morning, it’s chilly and crisp like fall. It’s very humid here so there is always lots of dew on the grass in the morning and mist in low-lying places. Then during the later morning through the afternoon, it’s hot like summer.

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Right now the weather here is far nicer than it was throughout June, July and August.

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Like summer.

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It is beautiful here today! High of 72, only 60% humidity and 9 mph winds. I love love love fall. The nasty, hot, humid, sweaty, disgusting summer is over. Although it’s going to be 86 on Tuesday. Blech. But right back down after the rain. I can finally sit outside again and read a book or pull weeds and not feel awful. Yay! Go Autumn!

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75 and sunny this morning with 80s and low nineties the rest of sept.
Everyone stuck indoors as usual since no one has acreage here )-:
I guess we can stare out the windows?

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It’s 77 here right now, with a high of 89. There’s a nice breeze going too. I love it. I’m trying to think of something for my son to do outside, but he’s very limited because of a broken arm. I was letting him play at the playground, but since he fell yesterday, I want him to take it a bit more easy. I’m thinking we should go for a nice walk after lunch.

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In the San Francisco Bay Area, we’ve had cooler mornings, but nicer weather this month than all summer.

I live in the East Bay suburbs, and my morning commute is at 5 a.m. In summer it is warmer at home and colder in SF. In the Fall it switches: colder in the ‘burbs and warmer in SF.

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