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HELP I messed up my iPhone, what do I do?

Asked by Lost_World (1231points) May 25th, 2008

OK I will cut to it, I was trying to jailbreak my iPhone and it was all going fine BUT it didn’t work and now when I try one of the other places it says it is BUT IT’S NOT, SO I do what I should and restore my iPhone but OH NO it cant restore because there is a corrupt firmware file AAAA.

So I tryed all sorts of things like resetting the media and settings inside the iPhone but nothing is working PLEEZZZ HELPP AAAAAAA (faint)

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Download the latest iTunes update and do a restore.

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you can redownload the firmware and restore from that. But can’t you also always restore to factory settings?

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The same thing happened to me, listen bro, whatcha gotta do is hold the home button while the iPod is off, then plug the cord into the computer.

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Tell me if that helps.

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My iTunes is fully up to date, and Ok I will give it a go.

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I dont know if this will help or not, but if you hold down the power and home button WHILE THE IPHONE IS PLUGGED IN and once the apple logo appears let go of the power button but KEEP HOLDING THE HOME BUTTON. It should do a hard restore.

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It’s doing that now so I hope it works my internet is slow and its late, so I’m going to bed but if you are intrested to know the out come I will post the info in the morning.

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Hope everything works out okay. :-)

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If nothing works – just take it to the apple store, they have geniouses working there. My phone broke when I was trying to update it months ago, and i’ve tried everything, nothing worked – they fixed it in a matter of seconds.

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I’m not sure I’d take a jailbroken (or attempted jailbroken) iPhone to an AppleStore. They’re not crazy about that stuff….

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wildflower, really?
Actually, I’m kinda embarassed, I still don’t really fully understand what jailbreaking a phone means

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Jailbreaking or unlocking an iPhone voids warranty and support. It’s basically alternative, non-Apple software for the phone that allows different usage which isn’t recommended or supported by Apple or the carriers.

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Aha! Thank you! I get it now. But why would one want to jailbreak a phone when only AT&T supports it in the USA. I’m sorry, I don’t mean to vear off the original question on this thread.

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No none of your ideas worked, do any of you know anything that I could do… like if some of you had friends in apple stored that you could ask and just make up cus I’m REALY GETTING WORRIED HERE.

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You don’t have to take the iPhone to the apple store, just tell them that there is corrupt firmware. Maybe they will help you. I really don’t know what’s wrong, try searching through the net to see if others had similar problems. By the way, were you using ziphone to jailbreak?

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No, I was using iNdependence. And what if the ppl in the apple store ask me where I got the firmware file?

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What’s the latest of the iPhone MelonKing?

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here is what i did friend do not stress oklisten acutely. first download the firmware you want to install (should be the latest 1) and save it in a good place you can get sites which have downloads to them all. then you need to open itunes (update if nescessary) then go to ipod tab. put your ipod in recovery mode and when you see the white screen your good to go . then after the notification it is in recovery mode press shift+click on restore at the same time. browse for your firmware and before you hit ok keep hold of the home and power button for 10 secs. then when you see the connect to itunes logo you are tottaly safe. now hit ok and leave your ipod to restore it should take around 1hour then when its done just resync allyour content and voilla you have a perfectly good ipod. MAKE. A. BACKUP first of your setting then restore it to thaf when youresconnect after restoration.

hope that this helped man

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Yes.. mine did the same thing. I’ve got new 3GS just 2 days ago.
Tried to unlock using Cyntia and black…something…
Anyway… now I cannot even boot my phone.
Tried to hard reset pressing Home and power buttons… no luck… can’t go further than apple logo.
I read these posts and tried to hold Home button and then connected sync cable. ITunes was already opened and running on my PC.
It worked after several attempts. Here what happened… it started an iPhone in recovery mode.
And I was able to restore it through the iTunes. You’ve got to have an internet connection on your PC… cause mine was looking for the drivers on the Web. It took half an hour to download iphone software update (this file is 210 mb ! )
Good luck to everyone with the same problem.

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I have an iphone 5. while messing around on my laptop I changed to voice over. No typing all kinds of little ideas that appeared on screen, brightness, intense color. OMG my phone was plugged into the computer. so many issues and the closest apple store is about 2 hours away

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