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Will updating to iphone firmware 3.0 undo jailbreak?

Asked by futurelaker88 (1600points) June 9th, 2009

im kind of hoping the answer is yes. my iphone is jailbroken, but with this update, i will have most of the features i wanted anyway. if i update the firmware as usual, will it undo my jailbreak and still update as usual?

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Yup.. Everything will be wiped and the new OS is installed.

I ran 3.0 for a bit. That is what it did to mine.

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@johnpowell how did you run 3.0 already?

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I downloaded a leaked version. This was a few months ago. It sucked so I went back to 2 point whatever.

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@johnpowell is a hacking God.

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@johnpowell so are you saying 3.0 is not good? how can it not be? it doesnt change any existing features and it has all the things everyone wants!! or are you saying the leaked version was unfinished?

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The early betas dropped Internet connections a lot. And copy and paste was really weird. I’m sure this is fixed by now. It has been a few months.

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@johnpowell My company got approved (or paid depending on how you look at it) to have access to iPhone SDK 3.0 and as you did I downloaded 3.0 a few months back only to be underwhelmed. However I did give it another go just this week and I must say there have been improvements.

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The final version is out now, you just have to get it from a torrent. Check out for the file name. Im running it now, no push notifications yet or mms or tethering. Everything else is there. Enjoy. Its pretty cool and faster.

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@willbrawn – you say the “final version” is out now? how come there is no mms? will it be able to mms on the day of official release? or will i have to reupdate again in order to use the features you say its missing?

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@futurelaker88 mms won’t be available til sometime this summer because of AT&T. This is the version you’ll get next Wednesday.

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