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Will the older iphones get 3G with the next update?

Asked by trogdor_87 (1091points) May 25th, 2008

I don’t remember where i heard it from but supposedly there is a 3G chip in all of the current iphones. Does anyone know if this is the case and does it mean that current iphone users will get 3G?

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No there is no 3G chip in the current iPhones; the chip that accesses the EDGE network is said to be “2.5G”, but the 3G (HSPA) chips are significantly greater bandwidth and resource hogs (including battery life).

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well, since it doesn’t have the chip, it can’t get the function, easy as pie

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No. The big update in June involves software. Moving up to 3G would require different hardware. You’re stuck with 2nd generation internet connection speeds.

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To be fair though. Is there really anything to be gained by having a 3G iPhone. We are really talking about two features here, video calling and faster internet. I for one wouldn’t really ever use video calling to any degree, and to be honest I’m actually happy enough with the EDGE connection I have when out and about. At home then I have WIFI.

I just can’t get myself excited about 3G.

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Not to mention 3G is not available everywhere. I know it isn’t available here in Western MD.

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