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What would you do if you woke up with no internet?

Asked by shockvalue (5800points) May 25th, 2008

… anywhere.

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What did you do when there WAS no internet? I still remember that actually ***faint***

OR! No cell phone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *tripple faint***

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go back to outdoor activities and actually call my friends on the phone. And have a tan more than likely. Ive lived without it before. I would get by just fine.

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Read more paper and maybe even start watching some television again (I went cold turkey about eight years ago).

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Take a walk to the shop, buy a newspaper and a couple of magazines. Browse through them over a few buckets of coffee and then get on with all the things I mean to do when I’m fluthering, browsing pictures or playing games.

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do some of the touristy things. have a picnic. but eventually the well of ideas runs dry.

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i’d freak out, totally

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I wouldnt mind at all! I’d have to be more creative at finding information. I havent visited a public library in a while, I’d probably do that more. Also I would find it a bit amusing- my sisters would go CrAzY without no myspace! It’d be a sight to see.

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Go eat breakfast.

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Call Verizon.

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I’d die

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A power outage a couple months ago rocked my world, and made this question real.

Without power, I picked up a book, and did some filing I usually put off. I actually really enjoyed it. And the whole thing freaked me out, made me really see the addiction I have to being on the computer. Great question, shockvalue.

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I use it daily for work and for research. I would miss that. I used to have go to the library all the time as TheHaight mentioned and wait in line to get at their databases.

On the other hand, I wish it wasn’t quite so present. I force myself to balance my time on it with real world interaction.

Every time I do, I am glad.

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All summer long I live in a little cabin in the woods with no internet, phone, television, electric lights, running water…

I get along fine.

edit: just me and my dog.
if my camera broke, then I’d have a problem.

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with who? haha

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I got along very happily for 6/7 of my life. The one thing I would miss is the word processor and keyboard. Whanging away on typewriters w. white/out and 7 carbons was not fun. Neither was writing on parchment with a quill pen.

The first thing I have always done after moving was to find the library and get my card. Of course, I do all the inter-library loans online.

Here power outages are common. I enjoy reading by flashlight or candlelight.

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I would move out to California to Silicon Valley in search of some Internet for me and my family.

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NO INTERNET!!!! Okay, okay, relax it is just a hypothetical question, The internet is really still there, you have email, you can Fluther. It all right. LOL! Clearly you can see how I would react! :-)

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Go buy stamps at the post office, then call creditors and tell them the check is in the mail… and will be late.

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if i wake up tomorrow without internet, i will know who to blame :P

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I would be very disappointed that I couldn’t go on Fluther, and that’s pretty much the only thing I do on the internet these days so I guess I could lead a normal life.

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Well the $600 I paid for my iPhone would sound even more stupid. Umm yea but I would freak. I would have to read books and newspapers, egh so tedious. I would have no friends because i HATE calling people and most of my social interaction is done on facebook & myspace. Eghh that would really be a pain in my ass, let’s hope that never happens mkay?

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I’d make a Fluther paper-based version, although there wouldn’t be many questions being asked… This happened once and I nearly died, every time I thought of something to do, I realized that me and the internet are unavoidably intertwined.

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Revise possibly. Even then I’d try and find a way around it, reading, photography, listen to music while doing the former. As much as I thought I live off the internet after staying off my computer for a week to revise it made me realise how much I don’t do online.

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hmm. does the question assume that the internet will return after a temporary outage? Then I guess I would read…or go outside. A different question is how would you feel if technology reversed itself by about 30 years….no internet…no cell phones…most people had rabbit ears on televisions…no VCR’s, certainly no optical media….WOW. It was not that long ago. I know that technology has certainly made the world’s information more accessible. Other than that, I am not convinced we are better off.

I completed an entire master’s program and visited the physical library one time…and that was to check out a book on guitar (and that was not my degree program). This is the digital age for sure.

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Thirty years ago I thought life was grand. If you needed a new TV, you went to store, bought it, had it delivered and plugged plug into wall socket. Voila.

The phone company rented you a phone (by then there were beige and white models, too) and it lasted forever.

My kids played outside, using mostly their imagination….

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create it!!

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Actually get my studio work done!

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lots of hustler haha

actually id just chill outside and call lots of friends to come over

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I’d scream!!!

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I’ve lived without internet for months but if that happened today, I’d be a tad bit upset because my boyfriend and I are fighting and I wouldn’t be able to ignore him if the internet was off!!

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This may sound hypocritical because hey, I’m posting this from the internet, but I’d actually be happy. Not going to elaborate, but I genuinly feel the internet is making people stupider and breeding extremism.

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