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What bugs have you noticed in iPhone OS 3.0?

Asked by intro24 (1431points) June 17th, 2009

I have the second generation iPod Touch running 3.0. So far I’ve seen that entering URLs won’t work in Safari, when I wake/sleep the iPod the sound is now barely audible, and at one point a podcast wouldn’t let me use the scrubber.

Other than that it’s been a pretty solid update for me so far although I still have to put it to the test of everyday use.

Anyone have anything to add?

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I have the exact same set up and will chime in and check back once they quit crashing when I try to buy.

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Mine is possibly full of bugs. It is a drawer and hasn’t been turned on for months. I suppose that if bugs decide to adopt it, at least it will serve some purpose. It was one of my less rewarding forays into Apple technology. I am not about to upgrade the OS, as it is dead technology. I already have something far superior in the BlackBerry Storm.

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@DarkScribe – what computer system do you use at home?

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I thought we could now send picture texts and stuff. I haven’t found any evidence of that yet, and that sucks cause I was really looking forward to that. I also thought we could now buy movies and tv shows in the app store. This is BS

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It always displays “undo” I want to be able to turn that function off.

Lags when opening the app store.

Not all apps work with 3.0 in general. Ithoight they were to fix that by now.

Apple sucks a** for not letting me have a percentage for my battery indicator.

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The app store is seriously f’d up right now. on iTunes on the computer even. I have a feeling they are a bit swamped.

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i can’t tether the phone to my MBP to use as a modem. That was supposed to be one of the new functions.. it’s just not there. FML

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@Bri_L DarkScribe – what computer system do you use at home?

I have a network at home with VPN setup for both my own and my wife’s employer. It is cross platform, Mac & PC, with a Unix server. I use mostly Macs as I am running Adobe CS4 primarily. I write about IT and technology, and need to be able to evaluate both Mac and PC hardware and software, so I am fairly conversant with both platforms.

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@DarkScribe – Excellent!

So, how do you connect your Blackberry to a Mac. One of the reasons I like the set up is how effortless it takes all my phone, datebook and email. I plug it in and it syncs up automatically. Or it syncs via mobile me. How does that work for the Blackberry. Because, to be honest, I still see the AT&T logo and think “DeathStar”.

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MMS and Tethering are coming later this year. It is AT&Ts fault, not Apple’s. MMS and tethering work in other countries where the carriers don’t suck ass. AT&T is probably afraid of their network not being able to handle all the traffic from people actually using the MMS and tethering.

There is a battery percent indicator on the 3G S but not on the iPhone 3.0 software on other models.

The store is slow because there are millions of people trying to download 3.0 and update all of their apps right now. Give it a couple of days.

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@Bri_L So, how do you connect your Blackberry to a Mac.

The BlackBerrys come with the requisite software. Pocket Mac for Blackberry. If you put the installation disk into a PC, it installs Desktop Manager, and in a Mac, the PocketMac software.

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@StellarAirman how exactly do u know all that? I mean not to question u or anything, but I’d like to know for sure that, that is the case. Cause I really hope it is.

Oh ya and by the way I am retarded. I was looking for the videos section in the app store. That’s why I wasn’t finding movies or anything. Woops.

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If you look at the apple site you will see that under new features they have posted MMS for late summer via AT&T and tethering is not yet available due to carrier.

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@StellarAirman that’s all well and god… but my iphone (previous 3g) is not on ATT… i’m on a mexican carrier which supposedly does support tethering.. which still does not explain why the option doesn’t show up in settings. Any idea what i can do?

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I’ll let the first wave of early adopters get all the headaches and once they fix what needs to be fixed, I’ll be on board.

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@The_Compassionate_Heretic nice going Jermaine. but i think Bret would be dissapointed

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@DarkScribe – I had no idea. I was under the impression it required 3rd party software. I am going to have to look into this.

Thanks my good man!

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@DarkScribe would you send me your iPod Touch/iPhone? If it is junk to you… I’ll put it to good use.

For those who downloaded and installed now, there may be bugs because of the download process not working well. Given the load on the servers… its possible some things got corrupted. Or as others have said there just may be bugs since it is a first release. Personally I am waiting a few days just for those reasons. I’ve waited this long for copy and paste a few more days won’t hurt.

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This is a fun little article.

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@jumpo7 DarkScribe would you send me your iPod Touch/iPhone? If it is junk to you… I’ll put it to good use.

I would part with it if I actually owned it – although you would be about tenth in the queue to own it. It is a “review” model, and they seldom if ever ask for them back, but under the circumstances, I am afraid not. I have a large drawer full of similar things, brand new phones that have only had a few hours use etc. I think that I must have every model that Nokia and Sony have released in the past four years. A couple of years ago I put a stack of them up on eBay and had immediate problems as soon as the new owners put them online. It caused me some embarrassment.

I have a few BlackBerries that I will be getting rid of shortly – Pearls and things like the 7130g. They aren’t review models, they are gifts, and although two years old are brand new, unlocked and in sealed boxes. It is a shame to waste technology but I have to wait until they are two years old before I can get rid of them.

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@Dog – nice article. thanks.

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@DarkScribe i am INSANELY jealous… how does one go about attaining such a position? where would i apply? lol… can i do it part-time?

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@Dr_C _how does one go about attaining such a position? _

Become a journalist specialising in lifestyle and technology.

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@Bri_L Glad you liked it. It has good tips!

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Cut and paste is truly a beautiful thing.

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@DarkScribe no problem, sorry to even ask… except that it is a waste to have all that stuff in a drawer unused. So you have 10 people in line for an iPhone… I imagine some of your dissaffection comes from not having to buy it. People tend not to value things they do not pay for. I wonder if as a writer of technology your needs for a mobile device matches mine. I have to laugh at your comment that it is dead technology.

On the otherhand free demo models are the only way to be objective about a product, so I appreciate your views. Actually, if you have a write up on your comparison of the iPhone to the Storm, I’d be interested to read it. Or both separately… I’d like to find out what makes the Storm superior for your needs.

When people ask me about the iPhone I always explain that my love for the thing is based on what I had just before it… which was a 5 year old Nokia with the LCD 5 row screen. It was “just” a phone. So I went from stone age to now.

At first I really was not interested in the iPhone, but then I started commuting by train a lot and I had this time just sitting there. I love the web browsing on the iPhone, the interaction is effortless and beautiful. It’s form factor is just right so that I don’t have to open a laptop. I love watching movies and video podcasts. No doubt the thing is way over-hyped, but it is hands down one of the best user experiences I’ve ever had with a device.

So I went ahead and installed 3.0 and it seems to be working without any of the bugs the others have mentioned. I do joke with other non-iPhone owners that I have copy/paste now. But you know what I have not actually needed to use copy/paste just yet.

@Dr_C I imagine DarkScribe put in a fair number of years getting to where he is now. Writing is not necessarily an easy process. Sometimes doing what you love every single day with deadlines and limitations can get to be a displeasure. Especially in a creative field where an editors/directors whim can make your work harder. Also you have to put down something you may like very much and using something much less satisfactory as DarkScribe did with using the iPhone. Not to discourage you, but just to say it may not be the dream you’re thinking.

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@jumpo7 actually i have no interest in writting whatsoever… i am very happy as a physician and would not change it for the world. I do however enjoy getting free stuff. That was the root of my question.

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@Dr_C Hah… I also like how you and DarkScribe have created user names that reflect your professions. I like free stuff too… hence my request for the iPod.

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@jumpo7 I have to laugh at your comment that it is dead technology.

Somehow we have segued from an iPod Touch to an iPhone. I have been referring to the Touch, not the iPhone. The original question was regarding a Touch although the headline is iPhone. . I have an iPhone as well as the Touch, one of my daughters has pre-empted it – the rest have BlackBerrys. The Touch is definitely – to me – dead technology. It does nothing that the Storm does not do better. Try typing on one.

But yes, it is a waste to see so much unused technology slowly fade into obsolescence – it pains me. A year or two back I took a couple of trailer loads of unused, fully packaged technology to a rubbish tip after a garage tidying frenzy. G3 Mac computers, never used, many cellphones, all manner of marine equipment that had become outdated.

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I have been playing a lot and found no actual bugs.

However I am bummed about the delay in MMS and tethering. The MMS I was really eager for as it would have put me back in the loop with my friends who are on different phones and are pix takers and senders. That was actually the only thing missing that made me hesitate before purchasing the iPhone to begin with.

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@DarkScribe – I took a look at the programs and I think I have to go in and see them demo-ed. They didn’t look as seamless. to me. But I am also not as well versed as you nor do I have the benifit of the items in front of me to test.

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This is not a bug however the quality and presentation of newly- released apps appears to be suffering. I wonder if the standards have been relaxed or removed?

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Here is another interesting rundown of all noticed changes in the 3.0 software. 90+ changes and counting.

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I had no problem with the update, but it took my brother a while to access it. My phone seems a bit slower. I like landscape mode and cut/paste, but can someone please tell me why I still can’t delete one number on my call list?! It makes me insane.

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@Bri_L i tried that and got tethering working, but then my visual voicemail wouldn’t receive new messages. I also got MMS to be available but when I tried to send one it would get about 95% done and then fail

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@waterskier2007: To activate Visual Voicemail, call the voicemail system and set your password… from the keypad, push and hold 1, then the prompts are 4, 2, 1.

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@waterskier2007 – I should have pointed out that I do not have an iPhone but an iPod Touch so could not try it either.

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