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ITunes download issues, should I invest in Apple TV?

Asked by Judi (39914points) March 28th, 2012

We watch most of our favorite TV shows via iTunes.
We keep getting an error -50 on certain episodes. It’s really frustrating because we can download a whole season and episodes 2 and 6 will not download.
Apple says that it’s either a firewall, spam filter or connection problem but I think we have ruled all that out.
We are thinking of getting Apple TV thinking that it might be more compatible than our PC.
I have been looking at the Apple TV and don’t understand why eBay has them more expensive than the $99 straight from Apple. What’s the difference?
I am one of those people who know just enough to make a mess of things when it comes to technology.
Any advice?

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Honestly, if you’re already having issues with iTunes I wouldn’t really recommend it. Apple’s support is pretty bad, and to me, as a consumer, it doesn’t make a whole lot of sense to buy another one of their products when you’re having issues with another.

Have you ever thought about Netflix? If you were to switch from iTunes to Netflix (much cheaper), you could get something like a Playstation 3 or Xbox 360 (useful for much more than games) and try hooking those up to your TV instead. The Apple TV just seems far too expensive for such a niche product.

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Does Netflix have all the tv episodes the next day like iTunes?

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To be honest, I’m not sure. I don’t use it, myself.

They do have a 1 month free trail, though. May be worth checking out.

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I am thinking of Apple TV because I think the problem is a compatibility issue between Apple and PC.

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@Judi. I believe that your iTunes issue is a separate one from apple tv.

If you like iTunes, appletv is a gret add-on. You cannot buy episodes on your apple tv though, merely rent them.

Your iTunes issue could also be software issue. Have you installed the recent updates? Last week there was one for Mac that addresses download issues with tv-episodes.

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@whitenoise, that’s the problem. It’s not a Mac.

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@Judi They should push software updates out to PCs as well as Macs for something like that.

Try searching “Apple Software Update” in your start menu and seeing if it has anything for you.

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