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How many freezers do you have?

Asked by filmfann (47613points) March 29th, 2012

We my wife and I married, we both wanted a seperate freezer, located in the garage, to store long-time left overs, water bottles, and things you wouldn’t normally have room for in the typical, above-the-fridge freezer.
I now question whether this is unusual or not.
How many do you have?
What do you store in the 2nd one?

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I have the small freezer that is above my refrigerator, (within the same appliance) and another upright freezer that is about the same size as that appliance in my laundry/utility room.
I would only need another freezer if I regularly froze a lot of garden produce or had whole hogs or portions of beef butchered.
The small freezer in the kitchen has ice cubes and ice cream, bagels, small things that we would need frequently.
The larger freezer stores meat, vegetables, turkeys, oatmeal, flour, frozen meals that I have made etc.
If there is ever a lot of empty space in the bigger freezer I fill milk jugs with water and put them in there to freeze and help keep the temperature down and more even.

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Just 1, but I have often wished for a separate one for buying in bulk.

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I have two – the one on top of my fridge that I keep coffee, bread, butter, ice cream in and one in the basement for things that I’ve baked or casseroles, etc. that I am saving for the future. Sometimes I leave stuff in there far too long.

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One. We don’t tend to freeze a lot of food at home.

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2. One for frozen vegetables, another for frozen people.

Ok, I just have one. If I was a hunter or had 5 kids or something I would have two for extra stuff.

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I have a large upright freezer in the basement along with the one that is part of my fridge in the kitchen. I love to cook and make alot of different stocks and sauces and it is really handy so I can make up a big pot and freeze it all in smaller portions. It is also great during the end of summer I can stock up on locally grown fruits and veggies from my local famers and have them all winter long.

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I know many people who use two freezers, so I don’t think it is that uncommon. We have the freezer in our refrigerator and we also have a deep freezer in the basement. We purchased the deep freezer when we started getting whole cows and hogs from the ranch my husband worked at.

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1. size: 50cm³

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I have two full size fridge-freezers. One in the kitchen and one in the basement laundry room.

We use it mostly for overflow during holidays and entertaining.

We’re Italian. It’s mandatory.

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In the US: one fridge/freezer.
In the UK: one fridge/freezer in the kitchen and one freezer in the conservatory. In England, most fridge/freezers are tiny compared to American ones, so the extra space is needed.

Note: Won’t it also depend upon the size of the household? I live alone in the US, so the fridge/freezer is never full. When in the UK with the SO, I cook a lot and freeze the leftovers, so the extra space is needed. Plus, we order groceries online and have them delivered, so we tend to buy in bulk.

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One fridge/freezer.

I use several large styrofoam containers with frozen ice blobs to carry things to and from markets on hot days and also for occasional extra storage.

I too throw way far too much as it is. I just found half a container of salsa in covered with moss green sweaters.

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2 . One upstairs in the refrigerator, and 1 in the basement. The one in the basement has frozen turkeys I got on sale at thanksgiving and other meat items that were cheaper in bulk. Also frozen veggies Any empty space I fill with flats of bottled water. They are handy when I go camping and if we ever lose power, the freezer will stay cold longer. Cheap insurance.

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We only have one, but it’s not a small ‘above the fridge kind’ – it’s beside the fridgerating portion of the unit and sizeable enough to fit our frozen goods.

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We have the one in the kitchen (part of the refrigerator) and an additional freezer in the garage. The one in the kitchen holds the things we will be using soon or regularly (ice cream, the meat that we will use for the next couple days, and the stuff I take to work for lunch). The one in the garage has meat and extra things that wouldn’t fit in the kitchen. We have a family of hunters, so we have quite a bit of meat, especially during the hunting season. Right now, we have some venison (from a deer my husband killed) and pork (from 2 wild pigs that my husband and son killed).

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I have 3. The one that came with my fridge and two chest freezers. We are a family of 6 and I have to buy in bulk. I also freeze a lot of food for future use. Oh, and we buy ¾ of cow once a year. I’ve actually been thinking of buying a 4th deep freeze because we max out on the two we have too often.

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@tranquilsea Any tips on how to track what goes in the freezer and needs to be used first? I recently cleaned out my mother’s basement freezer, and there were items dated from 1977. With three freezers, there must be a good method of keeping track. Your insight would be valued.

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I use Tupperware labels to name and date everything I put in but I don’t organize items chronologically.

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We have another fridge/freezer in our basement. It’s quite common where I reside to have another fridge/freezer combo or just an extra freezer.

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One but I miss our freezer we left at the other place. I had it jammed with meat, milk, tv dinners and ice cream.

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2. A small fridge/freezer and a smallish freezer which are both in the kitchen. I cook in bulk and freeze what I don’t eat. I also keep a supply of sliced bread, rolls and ice cream in the freezer.

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@Pied_Pfeffer sure :-) I date everything that goes in the freezer. I use milk carton crates to rotate old food and new food. So far, and I’ve been using this method for 12 years, we only have food in there for 3 or 4 months before it’s used. The exception to this is the ¾ of the cow. That takes us a whole year, or nearly a year, to get through.

I defrost the freezers once a year when we are coming the end of the cow. Then I get a really good look at what’s in there but I’ve not yet been surprised.

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Just one, and it’s not very big. One bag of frozen chips, a couple of bags of frozen veg and a pizza will fill it up.

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We have 2. The one in the garage has a lot of bulk items from costco like ground turkey, waffles, frozen pizza, nuts (almonds, walnuts and pecans) pie crusts, bags of frozen berries, frozen burritos and pieces of meat like steaks and pork chops and burger patties and fish filets (for my folks people not me) and different kinds of bread (burger buns, French rolls, whole wheat bread, sourdough bread) and blocks of cheese that have been cut down into smaller sizes and bagged separately.

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4. Two top-of-fridge, two chest. One chest is dying, and we’ll be getting rid of it soon. It’s 40 years old and twice the size of the second. We have a large family.

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