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What would be your 'true survivalist' video game? (details inside)

Asked by gambitking (4201points) March 30th, 2012

If characters, including the one you’re controlling, in video games died permanently, resulting a true GAME OVER, which game do you think you’d get the furthest in?

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How to Survive and Thrive after Being Dumped by Your Spouse

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Silent Hill.

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Super Smash Bros Brawl

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Probbaly Silent Hill. Disregarding the fact that I’d probably go psychotic in there after 20 minutes…if I didn’t, and was able to keep my cool, it’s the most plausible game I think I could survive in. I don’t know how to use firearms, but that would be a great chance to learn, and smashing shuffling atrocities isn’t an impossible feat.

Plus I already know all the solutions to the puzzles…XD Mostly. But yeah, if I encountered a locked door or something that required me to run halfway across town to find the key…I’d say fuck it, and just smash open every damn door. Then again, by doing that, I might attract monsters…yeah, I could handle this.

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wow… two answers for Silent Hill, and one imaginary – yet sad – entry.

seriously? come oooooon

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Well, there’s probably other survival horror games I could survive in. ClockTower series might be plausible, since you spend most of your time running and hiding…problem is, in ClockTower 3, most of the enemies should have been in a Soul Calibur game…can’t fight those freaks, in the oft times that you actually fight something. They’d kill me in a heartbeat.
ClockTower 2, yeah. I could do that. I wouldn’t be all slow moving like the protagonist is, and I’d make better use of what I see around me…how many times have I seen her walk by some object that anyone would obviously pick up…

I would mention Resident Evil, especially since I love zombies…but eh, I don’t think I’d survive very long against the likes of a licker or the Tyrant…Silent Hill has strong enemies too, but many of them are just really slow, or seem that you could deal with them easy enough if you keep calm and collected. In ways that are realistic.There are exceptions…but that’s why you have guns. Stuff in Re is too crazy, with or without a gun.

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I suspect I didn’t understand the question properly. If so, I apologize.

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Anybody remember Ka-Boom?

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I could also survive in Ico, Haunting Ground (maybe), and let’s not forget Bioshock…not really sure I’d get too far in that one! Sooooo many games, I’ll think of more later!

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Splinter Cell Conviction. I have enough practice to make it through the entire game without dying. I really LOVE sneaking up on unsuspecting americans enemies and snapping their necks or shooting them in the back of the head or in the face.

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I’m not sure if you’ve ever played The Witcher 2, but when you play that game on the hardest difficulty, you die and the entire game is over. Like, if you make the wrong dialogue choice in a menu and get shot in the face, that’s it, you’re done, and there’s no getting your save back.

It may not be survival in the traditional sense, but trying to play that game on the hardest difficulty was one of the most aggravating experiences of my life.

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