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What are the benefits of buying a new computer just for gaming?

Asked by grntwlkr (179points) October 30th, 2009

I already have an xbox 360, but I am contemplating buying a gaming computer instead for about $1,300. This machine would only be for gaming though because i already have a mac book pro which is not good enough to play the newer games coming out. Why whould I, or why shouldn’t I buy a new gaming rig?

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If you plan on doing some extensive PC gaming, especially the newer FPS games with incredible graphics, I would highly recommend buying one. I would check Amazon for reviews and great prices.

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The benefit of buying a new computer just for gaming is that the computer will be very good for playing games. On the other hand, you’ll be spending a ton of cash even though you can already play video games by other means.

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what game can’t your Macbook Pro play?

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MMO’s are extra fun on a good gaming computer. I blew 1200 on mine a couple years ago, quick as all hell, loads of ram, great graphics card, hd flatscreen monitor… I love it. it’s a great computer, had it custom built specifically for what I wanted to do with it and everything.

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My mac book if 4 years old, so it probably wont play any new games (well).

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Well, I find playing consoles to be sub par to PC. Consoles feels more of a thing I play together with people. I am sure some would disagree. But as it is a big investment, and you don’t seem to be a gamer, I am not sure it’s worth it.

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Go for it. I only have an X360 to preview the games I’ll get later on the PC. There’s no comparison graphics-wise and you can mod your games on the PC which can vastly enrich your experience.

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dude, for $1300 just get a new MBP

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think about it HARD man
i actually dont know if i would but $1300 well thats alot to me but i would probably save the money

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Good news: just get an OnLive console once it comes out and plug it into your TV. This will be several thousang billion times better because it only needs an internet connection and a screen to operate, which should make it infallibly reliable. PC’s will crash. A lot. Mine does, and I hate it. The minute OnLive comes out, I will probably donate my current PC to charity. Don’t worry, though, our house has plenty of computers.

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The main advantage of having a PC for gaming is having a mouse. I HATE playing fps with a gamepad.

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You can also plug in USB devices if you have the microconsole from OnLive, and, of course, OnLive works just the same on a PC or Mac using plugins.

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It really depends on what you’re aiming for. If you want to play FPS games, I would defiantly say go with getting a gaming comp; as @the100thmonkey said, it’s much easier to use a mouse to aim than a controller. Also, if you want to play any RTS games then you should really invest in a gaming comp. There aren’t really any great RTS games for consoles in my opinion. I really got hooked playing on my pc and I wouldn’t have went back to consoles except that my graphics card got tore up.

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The best console is, imo, the Wii, but that’s because Nintendo have a long history of excellent and innovative controller and interface design, and a commitment to simple, fun gaming, rather than a top-end graphics processor.

The biggest strength of PC gaming is the flexibility of control – USB devices (with or without drivers) have really made it the most flexible platform. The only attendant problem is price – a decent PC is expensive. Unfortunately, in my experience, many of the companies that design games for the PC have really forgotten the basic mantra of gaming: FUN.

I play Battlefield 2 every day – not because it has the best graphics, but because it is, with the right players and server admins, brilliant fun. Compare with the Wii – I play Mariokart online regularly (although not every day) for the exact same reason. However, the nature of the game is such that it doesn’t require extensive and distributed community involvement and management to be fun; It’s just a fun game by basic design (even if I find the game’s brutal random vindictive streak to be frustrating at times).

The benefits of buying a computer just for gaming are control and community – if you get involved with the right gaming community, it can be a very, very rewarding experience.

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Thank you for all your advice, 1300 is a lot of money, but gaming has always been very important to me, and I find that, like @the100thmonkey said, Xbox does not have a good gamine community or control. No updates for TF2, no one uses their mics, ext. I might wait and buy COD MW2 for the xbox and buy a computer when starcraft2 or starwars MMO comes out. that way the computer I buy will be even beter.

also I already have a MBP (older one) I am not buying another mac because they don’t really have the capacity to be upgraded. I like the design of apple products ( i am a designer), but they just aren’t made for gaming.

Onlive sounds really cool, but I am still skeptical.

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Don’t be, @grntwlkr, this is definitely one of the most revolutionary movements in the use of the internet.

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@Fred931 his choice is actually really good

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@the100thmonkey Yes, it used to be about making FUN games. Good graphics and effects are nice, but they don’t make a game fun. You don’t like 2142?

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@oratio – never played it actually – there’s NO HELICOPTER!

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@499335508crazygrape you mean my answer or someone else’s?

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@grntwlkr‘s answer he said hes going to wait:) seems like he listened to all of our answers

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