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If left to itself, what would your hair do?

Asked by Dutchess_III (44050points) April 1st, 2012

Yes, this is a DEEP question, as you can tell.

It didn’t realize until about 5 years ago that my hair has some natural curl to it. When I started taking advantage of that, I found that I almost didn’t have to do anything to make it look nice (except cut it…and I do my best work after about 4 beers!)

I’m usually the one behind the camera so I’m having a hard time finding a picture to show you but hopefully this one will work. This is at the lake. I haven’t done a THING to it. Not even combed it. Just piled it up and put a clippy in it.

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Actually, I’m with you. I had been straightening my hair for years when I decided to just let my hair go and see what happens. I now wear it in a short style that compliments my waves.

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If left to itself, it falls out. Well, it’s doing that anyway despite all my efforts to stop it.

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I had been doing the opposite @tranquilsea…I’d permed it for about 10 years, into the ringlet things. I haven’t permed it in years. Last time I went to a hair dresser, about 5 years after the last time I permed it, she looked at the bottom of my hair and how it curled and asked if I had a perm growing out. :) I didn’t. It was just my hair.

@Hawaii_Jake Have you tried glue?

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Dread really quickly.

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Turn into a nappy afro. Not a good feeling.

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Without conditioner it would be an impossible to comb through rats nest. Assuming I can use my conditioner and a brush, if I just let it dry on it’s own, no other prducts, it will be mostly flat with a itsy bit of wave, and look stringy rather quickly. Not greasy but look very unkept very fast.

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Same thing it does now, string. As in very straight, stringy hair.

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It likes to party. It hops a plane to Miami and tries to get into all the clubs. Seeing as it’s just hair, it doesn’t have much luck unless it can find a bald guy who is willing to wear it. But most bald guys, when they see my hair, wandering around and talking to itself, think they are going crazy, and they won’t go to any clubs. Unless they are really drunk. Or stoned. And then they can’t see straight, so what’s the point?

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Bed head every morning.

I have four cow licks in my hair.

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@wundayatta LOL! Loooong beautiful hair! Streamin’ gleamin’ flaxin waxin waxin! Home for the fleas, hive for the buzzin’ all in the wonder and the glory and the splendor of my hair! (I may have seriously screwed some of that song up, but oh well!)

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It would grow. I mow it back to a half-inch or so about 4 – 5 times a year. When it’s long enough to require a comb, then it’s long enough to cut. It makes my mornings a breeze, for sure.

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That would depend on the weather.

If it’s cool and dry .. my hair would be shiny, with a little curl and wave.

If it’s hot and humid… it would be frizzy and dull looking…

It’s like a barometer!!

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I stopped fighting it and let my hair do whatever it wanted to long ago. I never know, on a given day, how it will look. I cut it. Wash it. That’s all. It changes. It had more curl than it does now. It loses color. Falls out. It’s been long enough to put in a french twist and crew cut short. Right now it’s collar length. Needs cutting. Enough. That’s as much as I’ve thought about my hair in months.

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Mine has gotten thinner (less of it) and coarser (thick and wiry) and if left untamed it sticks out at wild crazy angles.
Recently I discovered that the natural lie of my hair has changed some too, it is basically forward. So if I brush forward I’d look like Justin Beiber’s graying, middle-aged uncle.

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anybody got a pick?

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Mine turns into snakes.

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My hair has been doing its own thing for a long time now which is falling out. It is a natural process and so I can live with that. Anyway there isn’t much that I can do about it without paying a bunch of money to look like a freak.

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Man… @cprevite those picks used to scare me! Especially the metal ones!

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Frizz up and curl in a random order while doing the macerna in a wind tunnel during a lighting storm… yep it’s a frightful hot mess when left alone with out a parental eye to keep watch with product in hand :)

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Looks like I stuck a finger in a light socket. Frizz city, thats why I have to keep it in a braid.
had a ginger ‘fro when younger.

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It’d look a lot like Nick Nolte hair in that arrest pic only more wiry.

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I don’t do much to my hair. I usually colour it myself and only get professional cuts perhaps once a year if I am lucky, so I suppose it would go to its mousy brown with grey colour and get long fast. My hair grows crazy fast but it not straight, nor is it very wavy. I have some crazy cowlicks but the length of my hair keeps them unnoticeable. Perhaps the one on the right front might stick up a bit more.

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One it gets to about two inches in length it starts to curl and stick out at all angles. If I could keep my head in a bag for a year and grow it out to past my shoulders, it would be wavy. I keep it very short to keep it neat.

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Extremely uneven waves that curl in different directions, along with some cowlicks that stick straight up. In short, it’s bedhead, but definitely not the tousled, sexy, magazine model type of bedhead. My flat iron is my best friend.

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