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What's the best Straightener and Curler for full, thick curly hair?

Asked by Tay122 (416points) July 11th, 2011

I have alot of hair, and it’s curly and wavy but also kind of long. It takes a long time to straighten expessially with my “Wet2Straight” flat iron/ straightener. It takes even longer to curl with my old curler. I generally like both curlers, big or small curls, considering they make my hair look the same no matter what. So, best brand name?

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Get it chemically straightened. You can do a perm at home, I have straightened my husband’s hair when it was longer, and it won’t likely be perfectly stright, but less curly and easier to straighten with your styling products and tools. Or, you can get it done in a salon, and it should come out really good, works really well. Have them style the ends under if you like it that way, so it isn’t needle straight.

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How long does it stay straight if it’s chemically straightened?

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About 3–6 months. The thing is, I am guessing your hair grows quickly, so the roots of course will grow in naturally curly. If you do it at home, it will be less than perfect in my experience. But, since you style it with a flat iron or curlers anyway, it won’t matter. We use the Olgilvie cream perm for straightening. You should have someone help you do it if you try it, it will be very difficult for you to get it on every hair in back if you do it yourself.

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Oh ok. But yeah grows quickly so that might not work the best. And by quickly i mean that like 2–4 weeks after a haircut my hair already needs another one.

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My husband’s hair grows quickly also. It should still help though. Here is a link to the product.

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Hopefully someone else can answer your original question about other styling tools. My husband just slicks his hair back, pony tail, or lets it be wild, he would never slend time straightening it every morning, so I don’t have experience with that. My hair is pretty straight and thin, just a little wave. Good luck :).

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Oh my God. Do not use chemicals on your hair. Pretty pretty please??
If you want a uniform cur pattern or wave pattern to your hair, just twist or braid it wet at night after you’ve washed it (if you’ve washed it) and leave it to dry overnight. In the morning, take down the twists or braids, and you’ll have a very pretty style.
If you do decided you want to use a relaxer, at least do your homework about what you’ll actually be doing.

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CHI has great tools for hair styling. They cost a pretty penny, but will last a very long time.

I would also suggest asking your hairstylist to show you how to do your hair next time you go in for a cut or color. It only takes them a few minutes to explain what they are doing during the styling process and it is completely worth it! And of course, give them a nice tip if they take the time to share this info with you!

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I second CHI. I have very curly hair and my CHI works like a champ. Before I straighten it I use Wired by Rusk styling creme, then blow dry with a big round brush, then straighten. It works great everytime.

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